Binh An Garment Textile Accessory J.S.C

Binh An Garment Textile Assessory J.S.C
The Binh An Textile Materials and Accessories JSC has an annual production capacity of over 20 million meters of finished fabrics, including dyed fabrics, flower prints, coloured fabrics and 800 tons of coloured yarns. This all makes Binh An Textile proud to be one of the best suppliers of textile materials in Vietnam. Through the quality of their products and their customer-focused service, Binh An has created an international market in countries such as the US, Japan, Australia, UK, Germany and Korea. At the same time, it has formed a supply chain of raw materials to textile companies in the domestic market.

The company specializes in manufacturing and trading of finished fabrics and coloured yarns of all kinds, made from 100% cotton, Pesco (TC, CVC), short-fibre polyesters, long-fibre polyester, all used primarily for weaving and knitting. It also produces woven fabrics, dyed fabrics, coloured fabrics and high-tech finished printed flower fabrics used in garments and interior decoration.
  • Monitoring the status and the capturing of data when the station loses signal is not done in a timely way, which leads to improvised solutions to overcome the problem. That is both time consuming and takes a lot of human resources as well.
  • Because all data is stored over the lifetime of the automatic wastewater monitoring station, searching in past data is difficult because of the large volume of data and the manual selection process.
  • Because the storage method is not really optimal the internal security of that stored data is not really high. 
  • A solution is needed for precise remote management. 
  • Tools to support reporting are needed because of the frequent recurrence, necessary to comply with government regulations.
  • The number of people viewing and processing data has to be limited as well.
  • Overview monitoring is easy with the screen that puts together important numbers about the data and the equipment.
  • Display data with colours and represented in many different forms (charts, tables, on the map, etc..).
  • Features data alerts via text messages, with pre-set alarm thresholds and frequency to suit your needs.
  • Highly secure with the functionality of managing activities of each account and decentralizing specific features for each user.
  • Reports are pre-set according to templates, that reflect the regulatory requirements.
  • Monitoring becomes efficient and easy.
  • Reporting is no longer tedious and time-consuming, in addition to supplying reports on a recurring schedule, it also makes use of reporting to provide an overview for management.
  • Optimizing the security level, as provided for by the software.
  • 24/24 data monitoring absolutely ensures the output wastewater quality meets the required standards.
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