Kraft of Asia Paperboard / Packaging

Kraft of Asia Paperboard / Packaging (KOA)
Kraft of Asia Paperboard / Packaging (KOA) is a carton paper manufacturing company established in June 2018 with a production capacity of 400,000 tons per year and is owned by the Marubeni Group from Japan. Being aware that environmental preservation is a responsibility of enterprises, KOA wants to contribute to the overall societal goal of “environmental protection”, by applying environmental friendliness and energy saving. KOA appropriately solves environmental issues, pursues long-term sustainable business activities along with creating new value for the future, contributing to socio-economic development in Ba Ria-Vung Tau in particular and Vietnam in general, promoting working and creativity together with the community.
  • With the continuous inspection and monitoring of the quality of output emissions, a solution needs to found that saves time and make the process highly efficient.
  • The development of reporting templates, to adhere to government regulations, takes a lot of time and resources.
  • Find an accurate remote monitoring solution.
  • The storage of data takes a lot of time and is not very accurate.
  • Monitoring data should be displayed as a chart or a statistical table.
  • When the threshold for output emissions is exceeded a prompt notification with colour or sound is given.
  • Report templates contain preset formulas to enable quick retrieval and calculation of data.
  • Build decentralized, function-based features for each user.
  • Look up data with keyword searches only, making this a simple and optimized way of doing things.
  • Early warning of high emissions helps customers solve problems in a faster way.
  • With frequently used report templates, creating a quick report based on actual data can be done with a minimal set of selections.
  • Remote support by using the camera feed makes it easy to verify the cause of the issue.
  • User-based access management enforces system and data security.
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