Military Hospital 175

Military Hospital 175
Military Hospital 175 is the highest level Military Hospital in the south of Vietnam, placed under the command of the Ministry of National Defence. Currently, besides functioning as the Military Medicine Research Center and as the postgraduate training facility of the Ministry of National Defence, Military Hospital 175 also has the task to be both a general and a specialized hospital. It protects and takes care of the health of senior leaders of the Party and State, and it organizes the examination and treatment of military patients in the Southern region. It also participates in medical examination and treatment and other medical services for people. Currently the hospital treats from 2,000 to 2,400 patients externally and about 1,300 patients internally; performs emergency care for about 130-140 cases. There are about 200,000 health insurance cards registered for initial medical examination and treatment at Military Hospital 175. It is a general hospital with a payroll of 14 internal medicine departments, 11 surgical departments, 10 subclinical departments, 2 centers and 1 Institute, with a total of 1,527 staff members.
  • There should be a better way to manage the data, which is returned from automatic monitoring stations, to support effective monitoring.
  • The manually stored data is scattered and has not been effectively taken care of.
  • How can we receive a passive alarm from the automatic monitoring station when there is a breakdown or a data fluctuation.
  • An integrated camera solution and automatic sampling should be deployed for data verification if any.
  • The software displays all data on the same screen, visually represented in real-time.
  • Flexible reports based on pre-set calculations, printing and exporting files in Excel format is done automatically, at a preset time.
  • Set alarms, based on thresholds for each parameter.
  • Allows specifying display functionality for each user account.
  • Control and use data effectively and then closely monitor.
  • The reporting is done quickly and saves time and human resources.
  • Increase the level of data security in the system.
  • Data warnings are given in time, ensuring recovery even when there is a problem.
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