Nam Tien Paper Company

Nam Tien Paper Company
The Nam Tien Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing various paper products. The two main products being produced there are carton packaging and paper by the roll.

The paper factory has a total capacity of 48,000 tons/year of which carton paper is being made with a total capacity of 2,400 tons/year. it is situated in the city of Tan Uyen, in the province of Binh Duong.
  • Because the monitoring data is collected manually the accuracy of the gathered data cannot be guaranteed.
  • There is no effective warning system for the values of each parameter when there are fluctuations.
  • It takes time and manpower to develop and report on a regular basis (i.e. per day, per week, per month, …).
  • Look ups in historical data take too much time, especially in searching and refining data.
  • Data of all monitoring stations are displayed on the monitoring screen, visually represented in charts.
  • The system warns when the data exceeds the allowed threshold and alarm settings can be adjusted.
  • It is very simple to add and manage the parameters of the automatic monitoring stations.
  • Reports are easily built by using the parameters and templates as issued by the government.
  • It provides a solution to decentralize functionality to different users within the same organization.
  • Data monitoring becomes efficient and ensures that the factory’s output quality is compliant according to governmental standards.
  • Supports the quick detection and response to anomalies of the data being displayed.
  • Systematically optimize the time needed to search and manage data.
  • The reporting feature brings practical value, ensures accuracy, saves a great deal of time and resources on data collection and processing.
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