Saigon Paper Company

Saigon Paper Joint Stock Company
The Saigon Paper Joint Stock Company is a leading paper company in Vietnam, that simultaneously produces two product lines: consumer paper and industrial paper. With modern and environmentally friendly technology, Saigon Paper is committed to providing the highest quality paper products to satisfy the needs of consumers, while always contributing as much as possible to social activities and the protection of a green living environment. The factory of Saigon Paper is located inthe  My Xuan A Industrial Park, in the province of Ba Ria Vung Tau. The total amount of consumer paper being produced is 40,560 tons / year, whereas the total capacity of industrial paper being produced is 232,440 tons / year. The factory consists of 6 consumer paper production lines and 5 industrial paper production lines, each with modern machinery and equipment imported fromthe USA  and Europe. The factory is equipped with the largest and most modern wastewater treatment system in the paper industry in Vietnam (with a capacity of 17,000 m3 / day).
  • Using the automatic wastewater monitoring stations, helps to tightly manage the quality of the output water as to ensure standards issued by the government. However, data monitoring still faces many difficulties because of the time and resources that are needed to do so.
  • When there is an incident or the data exceeds the threshold, the decision making process is not guaranteed to be done within the required time frame.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities are limited by the manual data collection method.
  • There is a problem to provide recurring reports because time and resources are not used well.
  • With both Web and Mobile versions, the screen interface shows an overview of the data and the status of the devices.
  • Camera views have been integrated to give visual feedback on the status of the automatic monitoring stations.
  • The use of colors and sound makes the alerts more effective.
  • Data that is being reported is set up according to a fixed template.
  • Data can be presented as line charts, bar charts or in statistics tables.
  • Display the data on the map, corresponding to the monitoring station.
  • The software provides a solution for collected monitoring data, which is being updated continuously, at a certain frequency, with high accuracy.
  • The camera solution ensures easy access to images and an easy verification.
  • Data is easily exported and reports are generated quickly.
  • There is additional data security and access to the data is decentralized and optimized.
  • When adding a new automatic monitoring station or modifying monitoring station information, all operations are quite simple and are managed with a clear systematic approach..
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