The Nhon Trach 2 Petroleum Power

The Nhon Trach 2 Petroleum Power
The Nhon Trach 2 Petroleum Power company was established on June 15, 2007. The company is the investor, manager and operator of the Nhon Trach 2 combined cycle gasturbine power plant. This plant is using advanced technology F-generation mixed cycle gas turbines, in a 2-2-1 configuration. This includes 2 gas turbines, 2 heat recovery furnaces and 1 steam turbine, by which the total capacity reaches 750 MW. Nhon Trach 2 is a business that for many consecutive years has been included in the top 50 best listed companies voted by Forbes, in the top 100 of sustainable development enterprises and in the top 500 of largest enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Data monitoring is not done in a really effective way, it is necessary to have tools to help monitor more closely and optimize the process.
  • Making reports takes time and resources.
  • For the remote monitoring of the automated monitoring stations, there is no optimal solution present.
  • Looking up data does not guarantee a fast solution, it is difficult to verify the situation when something goes wrong.
  • The monitoring page visually displays the data, using colours and various display formats, making it convenient for users to recognize it when abnormal data is being returned from the automated monitoring station.
  • Reporting templates are established based on the regulations issued by government agencies.
  • Authorization for each user account.
  • A system-wide search can be performed based on basic filter conditions.
  • Transfer method by using the FTP protocol, thus also enabling data sharing.
  • Supply optimal monitoring data for automated monitoring, bring accuracy and save human resources.
  • Security of data in the system is enhanced.
  • Easily and quickly build high-precision reports.
  • Effective warning when the data threshold is exceeded, so a timely response can be planned.
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