The Nhon Trach Petroleum Power Company

The Nhon Trach Petroleum Power
The Nhon Trach Petroleum Power Company Limited is now a part of the PetroVietnam Power Corporation. The Nhon Trach Petroleum Power Company is responsible for managing and operating the Nhon Trach Power Plant 1. The company has been working for more than 14 years in the industry, producing and distributing electricity, gas, hot water and steam. The power output produced by Nhon Trach 1 power plant has supplied the national grid more than 25 billion kWh.
  • It is difficult to control the quality of the output gas being output by the factory according to the regulatory standards as prescribed by the government. It is therefore necessary to have a strict monitoring method.
  • The collected data is not effectively managed.
  • How to receive active warnings when there is a breakdown or a data fluctuation in the emissions output of the factory.
  • A comprehensive assessment based on collated reports does not really accurately reflect the situation and takes a long time.
  • The software displays all parameters on the same screen in an intuitive manner.
  • Set alarms based on thresholds for each parameter.
  • Flexible reports based on pre-set calculations, the automatic printing and exporting of files in Excel format automatically, on preset moments.
  • Allows choosing what functionality will be displayed for each separate user account.
  • The reporting module provides for easy to perform regulatory reporting.
  • The software helps to manage automatic monitoring data effectively.
  • There is an increased security level.
  • Control and use data effectively and at the same time being able to closely monitor the sistuation.
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