As a result of the unique needs and general trends in the market, businesses in Vietnam have started to speed up their digital transformation efforts. Facing difficulties and problems in managing the environmental quality control and the operation of their power plants the Power Generation Corporation no. 3 has started using the solutions offered by iLotusLand and feels positive about it.

As one of the key units of the Vietnam Electricity Group, Power Generation Corporation 3 always strives for the protection of the environment in all aspects of their business, ranging from production to other business activities. Their efforts also focus on the sustainable development of the brand and play an important role in the economic development and the society in general of Vietnam.

Power plants that are part of the company all implement special monitoring programs, especially measuring environmental indicators, such as dust, stack emissions and wastewater quality, before it is being discharged into the environment. Many automated environmental monitoring stations have been installed to meet Vietnam’s environmental standards and to monitor the discharge processes, generated by production activities. Currently, Power Generation Corporation no. 3 is monitoring wit a total of 20 monitoring stations which consist of:

  • 14 wastewater stations
  • 6 emissions stations
Overcoming challenges with iLotusLand
  • Thermal power plants have been installing electronic panels that publicly display automatic emission and wastewater monitoring data in a transparent way for the community to monitor and follow.
  • Monitor data instantaneously from two different sources: data from the power plant (transmitted from SQL server) and environmental parameters (transmitted from the datalogger).
  • Environmental monitoring data are monitored online and transmitted to local Departments of Natural Resources and Environment in full in accordance with the FTP protocol under the applicable government regulations.
  • The results of periodic monitoring of emissions and wastewater are kept within the permissible limits of the current regulations with effective online monitoring and automatic alerts to provide timely support when there is a problem related to data and equipment.
  • There is a continuous focus on the issue of managing the production of ash and slag at power plants of the company and thus keeping it well controlled.
  • Integrating monitoring camera stations right into the software to ensure accuracy, objective, and a transparent reflection of the parameters and give the possibility of remote management.
With the application of 4.0 technology anytime, anywhere, iLotusLand helps employees to easily integrate and use the data for its desired purpose easily, and in a user-friendly way.
Actual results from users

One of the highlights of this business is the application and use of a modern and effective working style. The combination with iLotusLand conveniently solves problems in terms of monitoring, management, and administration. These activities can now be done more efficiently and professional.

Besides that, with iLotusLand the management and control of ash and slag at the production units now ensures a safe and controlled operation. Since then, the use of sanitized ash and slag as raw materials for the production of building materials has been strongly promoted.

Sharing more about his experience and the value that iLotusLand brings, Mr Ngo Duy Truong said that “Since the introduction of iLotusLand software, the environmental management of power plants has been more easily done; environmental quality control is done on a regular basis and continuously in parallel with the operation of electricity production by the power plants. Thereby, supporting the advice, management, administration and direction of the Corporation on environmental protection at the units throughout and in a timely manner; by actively monitoring, also monitoring the system of data collection and transmission to the company of current environmental monitoring online parameters on emissions, wastewater and coolant dispersed by thermal power plants; and establishing an independent information channel to have a basis for countering the opinions of the local environmental management agency on environmental quality at the plant.”

Currently, the company said it will continue to invest in training to improve the professional capacity, improve the management level and combine information technology applications. All aiming to bring the corporation’s labour productivity to the top of Southeast Asia.

iLotusLand contributes to promoting the application of technology of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to the production and business activities of the company.

Mr. Ngo Duy Truong

Head of the Safety Department – Power Generation Corporation 3

What will you get?

Understanding all relevant data — and the relationships between them — is important.
iLotusLand allows teams to seamlessly correlate and visualize all of your data.
Collecting Data
Allows to effectively connect to multiple environmental IoT devices at the same time.
Connect Camera
Video feeds (camera) are often a regulatory requirement by the authorities. 
Workflow of communication on each of the issues, including hardware-related error messages.
Control Remotely
You can remotely control peripherals, monitoring stations and samplers.
Reports & Dashboard
Combining data from various separate devices, collected data can be easily combined
Billing Management
Bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations, manage customers’ contracts and IoT cash flow.

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