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The environment is a major concern of big cities, including the city of Hanoi. Hanoi has become one of the leading cities in the country in establishing a synchronous and modern environmental quality monitoring system, and it is publishing environmental monitoring data all the time. The monitoring of data compiled from the automatic monitoring system continuously helps to identify the cause, trace each source of pollution, and is thereby offering many appropriate directions to improve the environmental quality of the capital.

According to data of the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment, during the period between late 2020 and up until the beginning of 2021, the air quality index of the city centre was often poor and the air had a bad quality, directly affecting people’s health. Pollution is mainly recorded by monitoring the PM10 dust and PM2.5 fine dust indicators. Data from automated air monitoring stations in Hanoi show that the Air Quality Index (AQI) has improved month by month from there onwards.

As of September 2021, the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment manages nearly 140 automated monitoring stations, including:
  • 38 Ambient air stations
  • 47 Wastewater stations
  • 19 Clean water stations
  • 18 Groundwater stations
  • 09 Surface water stations
  • 06 Emissions stations
What role does iLotusLand play in addressing the challenge?
  • The problem of mining data, and processing and analysing it automatically after it has been collected is an important step that is very difficult to execute
  • Promptly detect and strictly handle violations with automated warnings
  • Integrating effective remote management solutions, like camera feeds and automatic sampling, supporting verification and active monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • The speed of data sharing ensures fast communication, publishing the AQI air quality index for people in a transparent way
  • Improve and optimize the efficiency of the reporting process, shorten the implementation time clearly and ensure higher accuracy.
iLotusLand provides a monitoring and processing platform that collects real-time data from automated environmental monitoring stations to help regulators obtain usable insights. The platform also helps to provide outbound data on the portal, giving warnings to people based on the index’s threshold values. And many integrated features effectively support management and supervision of the environmental circumstances.
With the application of 4.0 technology anytime, anywhere, iLotusLand helps employees to easily integrate and use the data for its desired purpose easily, and in a user-friendly way.
Actual results from users

iLotusLand provides transparent databases and effective data management. The platform serves as a data repository that can retrieve information to generate reports, in accordance with the issued regulations, and makes it easy to search and thereby capture information that supports decision-making in a convenient way.

AQI data is visually displayed on the map, making it easy for people to track and compare indicators between locations. The system also provides a history of measuring indicators from within a recent timeframe and assesses the air quality, making recommendations to residents as air quality changes. When iLotusLand is present it follows the Industry 4.0 technology guidelines, handling operations with smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data. Being lax on environmental quality monitoring is no longer a concern – at the same time combining solutions to enhance the control, have strict waste source monitoring, diligent waste treatment, the development of public transport networks … all aim to set a new standard of comfortable urban life.

The software helps all stages to be shortened in time and made clearer and cleaner significantly. iLotusLand’s products are becoming more and more perfect.

Mr. Mr. Tran Viet Dung

The Department of Environmental Protection – Ha Noi DONRE

What will you get?

Understanding all relevant data — and the relationships between them — is important.
iLotusLand allows teams to seamlessly correlate and visualize all of your data.
Collecting Data
Allows to effectively connect to multiple environmental IoT devices at the same time.
Connect Camera
Video feeds (camera) are often a regulatory requirement by the authorities. 
Workflow of communication on each of the issues, including hardware-related error messages.
Control Remotely
You can remotely control peripherals, monitoring stations and samplers.
Reports & Dashboard
Combining data from various separate devices, collected data can be easily combined
Billing Management
Bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations, manage customers’ contracts and IoT cash flow.

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