iLotusLand V3.5 - Heart of Monitoring Data

The application of 4.0 technology is currently taking place and also plays an important role in the process of monitoring and managing environmental monitoring systems of enterprises and organizations. At the same time, iLotusLand software is also constantly developing and launching new versions that provide even more total value to its users.

Version 3.5 of the iLotusLand software – an integrated application and data monitoring platform – has been launched by the iLotusLand company in September 2021, with many outstanding upgrade features.


With this version, many features have been upgraded and further developed with high applicability in mind. For instance, the Binh Duong Environmental Monitoring Center practically applies and solves their API data-sharing issues; upgraded data entry to meet a variety of input data and now has a much more convenient way to manage and retrieve their data.

Unlike previous upgrades that focused heavily on business improvements, this time the speed and the upgraded features in the mobile version provide a much better experience to users, who can now change the way they interact with the platform, by modifying the display and the visualization of numbers.

Informative numbers

No longer just dry numbers that are being statically displayed. Showing the changing trends over any given period of time, with charts available on mobile as well, in vivid colors, great legibility and adjustable in a couple of clicks

Have a detailed view at the numbers

In addition to looking at the monitoring station’s parameter values, you can also learn the core problem. Here we can provide you with data that makes sense related to the time frame (e.g. what happened during the last couple of days)

Data optimization

Do you like to filter data based on actual status? Use the data filter feature, you will find the option quickly and efficiently. These flexible filters can be used in a variety of cases and easily meet your needs with simple operations.

Flexible data sharing API

The web version has an upgraded the API feature to share data between applications, which makes it easy to share data at will while ensuring the security of the system.

API configuration is set up entirely to how you want it, with a system-wide system of information customization and reuse.

Additional features
  • Enter and monitor the monitoring station’s data and incorporate periodic data feeds (including forecasts)
  • The data that has been incorporated into the system will be updated, reflecting periodic monitoring data updates, which also enhances the capabilities of the platform.

Currently, iLotusLand is continuing to research, develop and expand into the market. Given our friendly and professional support team, we make sure customers using iLotusLand software will be taken care of as best as possible.