Coca-Cola is a famous global brand. That successful brand officially entered Vietnam in 1994, it now has many factories throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi. With the orientation to become a comprehensive and consumer-oriented beverage company, Coca-Cola has been constantly improving and providing a wide range of soft drinks covering the entire market.

Moreover, Coca-Cola has also invested in some community projects serving the goal of sustainable development in Vietnam, such as water resource conservation, and sustainable agriculture in the Mekong delta. In particular, in 2019, Coca-Cola Vietnam was honored as Top 2 by VCCI as a sustainable development enterprise in Vietnam.

Accompanying that development, in 2019 Coca-Cola cooperated with iLotusLand to use the environmental IoT platform to help monitor the quality of output wastewater, ensure compliance with state regulations, as well as contribute to the protection of wastewater. environmental protection.





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Online Monitoring Parameters: COD, pH, TSS, DO.

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Ensuring the quality of the output wastewater is an important factor in the implementation of the commitment to environmental responsibility in Vietnam. Coca-Cola always focuses on investing in infrastructure and production lines to pursue a sustainable development strategy. One of the obstacles when pursuing the goals of the above strategy is upgrading the wastewater treatment system: how to make the output wastewater quality meet environmental standards while still bringing efficiency and savings? saving in the process of waste treatment into the environment. Solving this problem requires a centralized, multi-functional management system that both helps the management process and reduces time and costs.


At the Coca-Cola factory in Thu Duc district which Viet An Group has installed 1 monitoring station. Besides that, within the need for remote monitoring, timely detection of warnings, iLotusLand has brought a specific solution to the Coca-Cola factory in monitoring environmental monitoring data:

  • Connecting from hardware devices to iLotusLand software for monitoring and output wastewater quality feature in production, fully meeting the criteria as well as the future-oriented mission in environmental protection work

  • iLotusLand software can handle problems of connectivity, remote monitoring and instant warning during wastewater treatment operations at the plant.

Nhà máy Coca-Cola triển khai phần mềm giám sát nước thải đầu ra iLotusLand

Benefits of application deployment

With the iLotusLand solution, Coca-Cola has real-time automatic environmental data monitoring software that is ready to accurately measure various parameters and indicators. Besides, it also helps businesses to proactively respond to situations and incidents that occur and ensure and strictly control the quality of output waste.

What will you get?

Understanding all relevant data — and the relationships between them — is important.
iLotusLand allows teams to seamlessly correlate and visualize all of your data.
Collecting Data
Allows to effectively connect to multiple environmental IoT devices at the same time.
Connect Camera
Video feeds (camera) are often a regulatory requirement by the authorities. 
Workflow of communication on each of the issues, including hardware-related error messages.
Control Remotely
You can remotely control peripherals, monitoring stations and samplers.
Reports & Dashboard
Combining data from various separate devices, collected data can be easily combined
Billing Management
Bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations, manage customers’ contracts and IoT cash flow.

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