iLotusLand Machine Learning
What is iLotusLand Machine Learning Platform?

Machine Learning is an algorithm that allows applications or software to predict outcomes without...

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Chính phủ số là gì
Khái quát chung về Chính phủ điện tử và Chính phủ số tại Việt Nam

KHÁI QUÁT CHUNG VỀ Chính phủ điện tử và Chính phủ số tại Việt Nam Liên hệ...

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Environment Portal: iLotusLand’s new solution helps you to minimize polution’s effect

Product - The environmental portal was invented with the main role of accessing and supporting the...

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Two-way interaction – exchange and communicate internal information with iLotusLand

The exploding trend of digital transformation comes with applications and software that need a high...

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Camera: Remote monitoring support with visual imagery

iLotusLand has integrated camera data straight into the software, covering close to 99% of all IP...

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Top benefits of using automatic periodic reports with iLotusLand

The preparation of various report helps enterprises and government agencies to evaluate collected...

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Dashboard – An extremely effective data monitoring tool with an instant overview

Does your data monitoring system have a comprehensive overview What do you think of our tool with...

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Notification: Super useful feature for management and operation

Incidents created by mistake, during daily operations, are some of the urgent problems that...

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