Power & Energy

Digital power plant systems for gas and coal plants can increase the average conversion efficiency substantially

Connect & Monitoring

With the iLotusLand platform a lot of efficiency for power plants can be gained through a clever blend of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and active monitoring. Optimising fuel combustion, tuning the plant to adjust to the properties of the coal being burned, adjusting the oxygen levels in the boiler, and reducing downtime due to equipment failures all have a direct environmental impact.

All Data in One Platform

Managing climate change with technology is just the first step. IoT does much more than just keeping score. iLotusLand collects analyzes and provides actionable climate data. It will cut waste by improving the flow of information, the use of energy and the application of resources, such as people and goods. The software and its specific usage will continue to be adapted as more data is gathered and analyzed, and in turn, that data is used to improve the operations itself.

Predictive Risk Management

Using the generated data from the iLotusLand platform predictions can be made to signal, contain or prevent certain risks. That way the efficiency of pollution control and regulation policies can be measured as well and those policies and regulations can then be adjusted for the near future.

What will you get?

Understanding all relevant data — and the relationships between them — is important.
iLotusLand allows teams to seamlessly correlate and visualize all of your data.
Collecting Data
Allows to effectively connect to multiple environmental IoT devices at the same time.
Connect Camera
Video feeds (camera) are often a regulatory requirement by the authorities. 
Workflow of communication on each of the issues, including hardware-related error messages.
Control Remotely
You can remotely control peripherals, monitoring stations and samplers.
Reports & Dashboard
Combining data from various separate devices, collected data can be easily combined
Billing Management
Bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations, manage customers’ contracts and IoT cash flow.

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