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Camera - Remote monitoring support with visual imagery

iLotusLand has integrated camera data straight into the software, covering close to 99% of all IP cameras. By using automated monitoring stations with real-time observation via a central camera system a visual check can be done from anywhere.

Connecting data by using images transmitted by the camera-system makes the monitoring information more reliable, while it also gives ample time to find a solution whenever an anomaly occurs. This is one of the effective remote monitoring solutions that brings reliability and peace of mind to the customers  using iLotusLand’s monitoring software.

Monitoring by camera delivered straight to your mobile devices

iLotusLand enables you to view and track images from the cameras right on your mobile device. View the station’s operational status in parallel with a quick lookup of real-time data from that station on the same mobile device.

Set up your camera configuration on a synced PC device

You have a complete overview from the camera on your mobile device by configuring everything related to it on your PC. Quick configuration options include the available camera paths, that correspond to the actual monitoring station that you would like to view.

To configure the camera view with the PC device, go to the Configure section, select Add camera, copy and paste the camera ip-address as a path, and give the camera a name.

Make sure to switch the on/off switch to On to enable camera viewing and a sync of the configuration between your phone and the PC.

Interaction with the camera

For PC devices, the camera lookup of any monitoring station is very easy, the filtering option supports a search by the name of the monitoring station or by a specific type of monitoring equipment. All the cameras you look up will be displayed on the same large screen and help the operators to have a feel for the overall status of monitoring and at the same time effectively view a specific monitoring station.

On mobile devices, the images from the camera are automatically and continuously shown as soon as you access the functionality on the app, according to the camera image sync configuration from the PC.

The system supports zooming, and zooming and image resolution options from the camera, giving users an experience which is also suitable for surveillance purposes.

Data security provided to the camera feature

Not all cameras are available to all accounts in the same organization. Images from the camera will be made available to certain accounts through the installation of a decentralized user account configuration.

Pay special attention to the configurations involved in setting up and viewing images through the camera to ensure the privacy and security of the data in your system.

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