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Managing & Monitoring Environmental IoT Data Real Time & Data-Based Smart Decisions
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Officially deployed since 2014, iLotusLand has connected more than 1000 monitoring stations, serving over 600 FDI factories (Coca-Cola, Orion, EVN Genco, Formosa Ha Tinh, Vedan, Acecook, etc.), industrial zones (Amata Dong Nai Industrial Zone, VSIP 1,2, 2A Binh Duong Industrial Zone, Saigon VRG Industrial Zone, Protrade Binh Duong Industrial Zone, etc.), and environmental management agencies of the state: Over 30 Departments of Natural Resources and Environment in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh, Binh Duong, Binh Dinh,...

To date, iLotusLand Platform has exported software to 12 markets: India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine, Mongolia, UAE, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. Positioning as a pioneer in industrial IoT platforms, iLotusLand aims to expand to the international market.


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With extensive experience in Vietnam's market, managing and monitoring environmental data through IoT technology. We have successfully provided efficient real-time environmental data management solutions to businesses worldwide.

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