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iLotusLand Environment Portal

Bridging environmental monitoring for a connected community.
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Product benefits

Supporting the public in monitoring environmental quality indicators is also considered the bridge between government agencies and the public.
Air Quality Index (AQI) - iLotusland Environment Portal

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Recommendations and monitoring of AQI indicators
Water Quality Index (WQI) - iLotusland Environment Portal

Water quality index

Recommendations and monitoring of WQI indicators
Information disclosure - iLotusland Environment Portal

Information disclosure

Real-time data publication from measurement devices
Sharing - iLotusland Environment Portal


Sharing and public environment information for people, attract investment
Communication - iLotusland Environment Portal


Direct communication with the public

Main features

Publication of Air Quality Index (AQI) Data


View all the latest AQI/WQI indices. Display the latest AQI/WQI values of all stations and their respective locations on the map.
News and announcements - iLotusland Environment Portal

News and announcements

View the values of the AQI and WQI indices and get the latest updates on environmental news.


Provide support for product-related information and address related inquiries.

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