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iLotusLand for Environment

Effective environmental monitoring and management platform for your business
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Product benefits

Transforming your business with an efficient platform for environmental monitoring and management
Camera Connecting

Camera Connecting

99% IP camera compatible
Billing Management

Billing Management

Invoice generation, customizable billing formula
Easy Monitoring

Easy Monitoring

Capture any incident, instant communication
Service & Support

Service & Support

Equipment replacement and maintenance
Centralized management

Centralized management

Manage all the data in one map


Personalized, all-in-one platform

Main features

Collecting Data

Effortlessly connect to multiple environmental IoT devices and data sources using iLotusLand's comprehensive and standardized IoT communication protocols, and receive real-time notifications and alerts based on the collected data.

  • Kết nối nhiều thiết bị loT môi trường một cách dễ dàng (hỗ trợ FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, HTTP/2, MQTT, AMQP, Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT và Zigbee).
  • Monitor the environment in real time.
  • Receive notifications and alerts based on collected data.
  • Take specific actions based on the collected data.
Collecting Data - iLotusLand for Environment

Camera Connecting

Theo dõi liên tục hình ảnh môi trường với tính năng kết nối camera của iLotusLand, cho phép xác minh thông tin giám sát mà không cần đến hiện trường. Hỗ trợ hầu hết tất cả các camera IP trên thị trường và các thiết bị loT tương thích với chất lượng hiển thị cao trên các thiết bị di động.

  • Video feeds from cameras are often required by regulatory authorities.
  • Verify monitor information without going on-site.
  • Connect to almost all IP cameras on the market (99%) as well as compatible IoT devices.
  • Hiển thị chất lượng cao trên các thiết bị di động.
Camera - iLotusLand for Environment

Control Remotely

Take control of your environmental monitoring with iLotusLand's remote management feature, allowing you to effortlessly manage your stations and samplers from anywhere, anytime.

  • Control your stations and samplers remotely.
  • Automate sampling management with scheduled proactive sampling.
  • Manage sampling based on criteria such as exceeding thresholds or trends.
Control Remotely - iLotusLand for Environment


Provides comprehensive and customizable data reports to help you make informed decisions and optimize your environmental monitoring processes.

  • Kết hợp dữ liệu từ nhiều nguồn khác nhau.
  • Generate custom dashboards and reports for your data.
  • Analyze historical databases, perform data analysis, and utilize predictive analysis tools to make informed decisions.
Reporting - iLotusLand for Environment

Feedback & Communication

An efficient internal workflow for issue tracking, including hardware-related error messages, allows for quick incident management and information sharing.

  • Efficient internal workflow for issue tracking, including hardware-related error messages.
  • Quick and efficient management of incidents with the ability to share information.
  • Streamlined process to ensure that issues are addressed efficiently and effectively.
Feedback & CommunicationReporting - iLotusLand for Environment


Provides flexible, efficient, and accurate invoicing for energy retailers and utilities, enabling better customer service and streamlined cash flow management.

  • Control expenses and improve customer service with flexible billing for energy retailers and utilities.
  • Manage your customers' contracts and IoT cash flow with bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations.
  • Save time and resources by combining all customer charges into a single invoice, supported by a flexible architecture for accurate invoicing, better traceability, and full visibility.
Billing Feedback & CommunicationReporting - iLotusLand for Environment

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