To drive better performance
to our customers

Industrial Park Digitization

Attracting investors and rental properties

Optimizing resources in operation management


To drive better performance
to our customers

Industrial park digitization

Attract investment and real estate rental

Optimizing resources in management & operation

Industrial Park

Collecting Data

🎯 Automatic data connection via FTP protocol responding to the the Circulars of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment

🎯 Compatible connection with 99% IP camera address with software system

🎯 Monitoring data management and Periodic monitoring

Report Dashboard

🎯 Create aggregated and average reports by the hour - day

🎯 So sánh sự biến thiên giữa các chỉ tiêu, các thông số theo mốc thời gian cụ thể


🎯 Tính năng lưu trữ tài liệu và đồng bộ trên các phiên bản như Google Drive/One Drive

🎯 Store issues and interactions internally on the platform


Solutions for Eco-Industrial Park

01 | Waste Water Monitoring System

02 | Waste Water Treatment Plan

03 | Drinking Water Monitoring System

04 | River Water Monitoring System

05 | iLotusland for Documents

06 | iLotusland for Utility

07 | AQMs Monitoring System

08 | Weather Monitoring System

01 | CEMs Monitoring System

02 | Waste Water Monitoring System

01 | For Environment Web LED

02 | For Environment Web Public

01 | iLotusland for Customer

02 | iLotusland for Documents

01 | The infrastructure

02 | iLotusland Care


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