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CPV Food

December 4, 2023

CPV Food Company Limited, a subsidiary of CP Group, is the largest chicken processing factory in Southeast Asia located in Becamex Binh Phuoc Industrial Park, Chon Thanh District, Binh Phuoc Province. This is considered one of the huge factories of CP Group when investing and developing in Vietnam.

With a large scale of more than 10ha with modern factory lines, large capacity. The factory complex includes 3 factories of Incubation, Processing and Production of animal feed, providing the market with high-quality, food-safe chicken products for consumers not only in the domestic market, but also in the domestic market. Targeted exports are also in Japan, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In particular, the factory complex here also gives priority to applying advanced technology and organizing safe and environmentally friendly processing and production. Therefore, CPV Food focuses on applying AI technology, Big Data in management and production is the key step.

Current Status

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for Environment – On Clound
Number of monitoring stations 01


As the largest chicken processing factory in Southeast Asia, CPV Food Co., Ltd has to face strict technical requirements on management to minimize environmental risks during plant operation, that has presented the company with challenges:

  • Distributed system problem due to using decentralized and challenging SCADA software to monitor and require human resources, lack of data centralization and synchronization between devices.
  • Management Board - Corporation - Investor of factories that need to remotely monitor instantly and synchronize all data in one place for management (environmental data, water meter, electricity, etc.) gas, gas, etc.) and expand connections for other devices in the future.


With the goal of sustainable livestock development, CPV Food has chosen to use the iLotusLand platform in monitoring the output wastewater during the production operation of the plant. This is considered one of the steps to improve productivity and product quality, as well as improve the competitiveness of CPV Food.

The iLotusLand platform connectivity model
iLotusLand data monitoring platform connection model

In addition, the choice to use iLotusLand software brings a wastewater monitoring solution that meets the latest circular 02/2022/TT-BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, with specific features:

  • Connecting from hardware devices to iLotusLand software for wastewater monitoring to fully meet the criteria as well as future-oriented missions in environmental protection, as well as towards the development sustainable development.
  • iLotusLand software responds to problems of connection, remote monitoring and instant warning during operation.


iLotusLand software with many outstanding features creates a turning point in the application of automatic monitoring data. Monitoring software contributes to effective operation management of wastewater monitoring stations. The iLotusLand app is user-friendly, easy to get used to, and easy to use technology to meet daily monitoring requirements.

  • Now, thanks to reporting features, the process of aggregating and exporting reports is much faster than before.
  • The amount of work of supervisors (operators and system operators) is significantly reduced.
CPV Food Joint Stock Company
CPV Food Joint Stock Company

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