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Hung Vuong Hospital

November 15, 2023

Hung Vuong Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City has a notable history, starting in 1975 under the name Cho Lon Maternity Hospital. Since its establishment, this hospital has undergone decades of development and upgrades, and in 1995, officially changed its name to Hung Vuong Hospital. This hospital is a public unit managed by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, with the goal of providing reproductive health care services to improve the quality of life for women.

With over 4 decades of operation and service to the community, Hung Vuong Hospital has established itself as a leading institution in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology health care in Ho Chi Minh City. The hospital is known for its modern infrastructure and quality services, along with affordable costs, making it a trusted choice for many.

Hung Vuong Hospital

With a scale of about 900 beds and nearly 1,300 staff members, Hung Vuong Hospital focuses on examining and treating issues related to Obstetrics and Gynecology. The hospital is divided into 30 different departments, meeting the needs from emergency care to inpatient and outpatient care, according to the policies set by the government.

Every year, Hung Vuong Hospital carries out tens of thousands of inpatient treatments and deliveries, as well as thousands of gynecological surgeries. Additionally, the hospital also receives hundreds of thousands of outpatient visits for specialties such as obstetrics, gynecology, family planning, infertility, genetics, and neonatology. This demonstrates Hung Vuong Hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive and quality health care services to the community.

Appointment-based Consultation - Specialist Examination at Hung Vuong Hospital

With a specialist appointment (scheduled consultation), you will:

- Have the convenience of scheduling an appointment in advance, avoiding waiting.
- Be directly examined by highly qualified doctors.
- Have the option to choose a doctor for continuous monitoring during pregnancy or treatment.
- Have tests and ultrasounds performed on-site without the need to go to other rooms.
- Enjoy spacious and comfortable facilities.

Specialist appointments include: Obstetric examinations, Gynecological examinations, Urological examinations, Pre-menopausal and menopausal examinations.

Working hours:

- Monday to Friday: Morning: 07:15-11:45, Afternoon: 13:00-16:30
- Saturday: Morning: 07:15 - until the available slots are filled
- Sunday: Closed


+ Online registration:

+ Contact phone number: (028)39552228 (during working hours)


5th Floor - Block G - Bach Hop Building - Hung Vuong Hospital

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