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Hyosung Vietnam

August 10, 2023

Co., Ltd. Hyosung Vietnam is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hyosung Group from South Korea. Established in Vietnam in 2007, it operates three factories specializing in the production of tire cord fabric, spandex, nylon, steel, and other fibers. The Hyosung Vietnam plant is located on N2 Road, Nhon Trach 5 Industrial Zone, covering a total investment area of 68 hectares and employing over 3,500 staff.


Currently, Hyosung Vietnam has achieved significant production output in Vietnam and has become a globally renowned brand for both quality and quantity. With a professional and dynamic working environment, excellent welfare benefits, and training programs both domestically and internationally, Hyosung Vietnam is regarded as one of the best workplaces for developing employees' potential. As of April 2013, the company's total investment capital has surpassed USD 141 million, and it has increased its production scale from 13,300 tons per month to 14,200 tons per month.


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