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Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Zone

August 10, 2023

Overview of Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park, Binh Phuoc

According to the province's socio-economic development orientation, Chon Thanh and Hon Quan districts prioritize industrial development. The land use planning for industrial parks has been approved by the Prime Minister. In the area, there are 2 industrial parks, Minh Hung - South Korea and Minh Hung III, with an average occupancy rate of over 68%, making infrastructure construction very favorable.

  • Detail: Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park
  • Location: Dong No Commune, Hon Quan District, Binh Phuoc Province
  • Scale: 655 ha
  • Occupancy rate: 80%
  • Operation period: 50 years (2016-2066)
  • Investment-attracting industries: Priority for developing light, clean industries with low environmental pollution such as agricultural processing, food processing, textile industry, paper manufacturing, toy manufacturing, woodworking and interior decoration, packaging industry, electronics industry, assembly industry, sports equipment manufacturing, mechanical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
Minh Hung SIKICO Industrial Park
Minh Hung SIKICO Industrial Park

Integrated industrial zone

With the goal of building an industrial park according to the model of a complex industrial zone - Trade - Services, the land fund of Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park is allocated for various needs.

  • Industrial Area: 475.4 hectares
  • Trade - Services: 19.6 hectares
  • Infrastructure: 13.8 hectares
  • Green Space & Transportation Land: 146.2 hectares

Geographical location of Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park

Map of Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park Location
Map of Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park Location

Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park is strategically located in Binh Phuoc province as well as in the key economic region of the South. Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park is directly connected to major cities, airports, and seaports, facilitating the transportation and trade with neighboring areas.


  • To Ho Chi Minh City: 89 km
  • To Thu Dau Mot City: 67 km
  • To Bien Hoa City: 88 km
  • To Cai Mep Port: 145 km
  • To Tan Son Nhat Airport: 84 km
  • To Chon Thanh Inland Port: 6 km
  • To Hoa Lu Border Gate: 70 km

Infrastructure in Minh Hung Sikico Industrial Park

Transportation System: Main axis system: road widths from 42 to 60 meters, road surface width of 18 meters. Internal transportation system: road widths of 18 meters, road surface width of 8 meters.

Electricity Supply System: 2 power supply stations designed with a capacity of 110/22 KV

  • Station 1: From the transformer station in Chon Thanh along QL13 to Dong No
  • Station 2: Will be quickly supplemented

Hệ thống cấp thoát nước:

  • Water supply plant GĐ1 has a capacity of 6000m3/day.
  • The drainage system is provided to each investor to ensure the convergence of production activities here.

Wastewater Treatment System:

  • Wastewater is treated from type B to A with a wastewater treatment plant capacity of up to 25,000 m3/day-night
  • Joint venture partner & operation management by GS Corporation - a multinational corporation with over 50 years of experience in environmental projects worldwide.
  • EPC contractor by Koastal Eco Group - Singapore
  • Using biological technology in wastewater treatment, environmentally friendly.

Telecommunication System: Connected to the Binh Phuoc telecommunications system by optical fiber with over 5,500 subscribers.

Investment Incentives

Corporate Income Tax (CIT):

  • Preferential corporate income tax rate: 17% (Applicable for the first 15 years from the year of revenue).
  • Tax exemption policy: 2 years starting immediately after the enterprise has profits.
  • Preferential tax rate of 8.5% for the next 4 years.

Import duty exemption for fixed assets creation of investment incentive beneficiaries:

  • Machinery, equipment; raw materials, supplies used for manufacturing machinery, equipment or for manufacturing components, parts, detachable components, spare parts of machinery, equipment...
  • Specialized transport vehicles directly used in the production line of the project.
  • Domestically produced construction materials not yet produced.

Import duty exemption for a period of 05 years, from the start of production:

  • Raw materials, supplies, components domestically not yet produced imported for manufacturing of investment projects in sectors, industries specially investment-incentivized under the investment law regulations.

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