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Song Tra Industrial Zone - TBS Group

March 28, 2024

Song Tra Industrial Zone is a concentrated industrial area located in Hong Viet commune, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province, Vietnam. Established in 2007, the industrial zone covers an area of ​​320 hectares. The Song Tra Industrial Zone attracts domestic and international investors in various fields such as electronics, textiles, footwear, wood processing, and food production.

In document 1174/TTg-CN dated September 15, 2021, the Prime Minister of Vietnam agreed to the proposal from the Ministry of Planning and Investment to reduce the area of the Song Tra Industrial Zone from 200 hectares to 150.48 hectares. The Song Tra Industrial Zone is envisioned to become a comprehensive, environmentally-friendly industrial-urban complex. It aims to develop clean industries such as electronic assembly, refrigeration, footwear, beer production, river port systems, docks, and warehouses. The industrial zone welcomes clean and less harmful production and business activities such as assembly and manufacturing.


The industrial zone is situated on important road transport routes such as National Highway 10, connecting Quang Ninh - Hai Phong - Thai Binh - Nam Dinh - Ninh Binh, or along the river system of the Thai Binh River, coastal areas like Thai Thuy and Tien Hai. Additionally, it is close to airports such as Cat Bi, national seaports like Hai Phong, Lach Huyen, and Cai Lan in Quang Ninh.

Infrastructure of Song Tra Industrial Zone - Thai Binh

Internal transportation

The main road system ranges from 34-42 meters wide, with branch roads ranging from 16-25 meters wide.

Road No. 1 is the central main axis connecting National Highway 10 with Tan Phong commune to the north, adjusted from a cross-section of 34 meters to 42 meters, each side being 11 meters wide, with an 8-meter-wide median strip, and 6-meter-wide sidewalks.

Road No. 2 intersects Road No. 1 at a right angle and runs parallel to National Highway 10, about 310 meters north of the highway.


Power supply

The electricity system is supplied from the existing 35KV line running along the industrial zone, with a voltage of 110KV.

Public lighting system

Street lighting is separately designed with a power supply system, arranged along the traffic routes.

Water supply system

Water is supplied from the Thái Bình city water plant, with a designed water supply pipe diameter of 200mm. The capacity of clean water supply is 20,000m3/day and night.

Wastewater and rainwater drainage system

Separate systems for rainwater and wastewater drainage are planned and built. Rainwater is collected into drains on the sidewalks of roads and then discharged into the Bach River. Industrial and domestic wastewater is locally treated at each factory, then discharged into separate drainage channels running along the sidewalks and collected at the industrial zone's wastewater treatment plant before being discharged into the Bach River.

Waste treatment

Solid and soft waste is classified and collected at designated locations for processing by the city.


The total capacity of the centralized wastewater treatment plant reaches 3700m3/day and night.

The main industries in this industrial zone include food processing, textiles, leather, garment manufacturing, mechanical engineering serving agriculture and rural transport, bicycle and motorcycle production, plastic and packaging products, paper and printing, as well as office and household equipment manufacturing.

The Song Tra Industrial Zone is not only an attractive destination for domestic and international investors but also evidence of Vietnam's sustainable industrial development. With its prime location, modern infrastructure, and diverse manufacturing sectors, the Song Tra Industrial Zone has actively contributed to improving the quality of life for local residents and promoting the economic development of Thai Binh province and the country as a whole. The transition from traditional industrial zones to modern, environmentally-friendly industrial-urban complexes is a positive step and creates significant opportunities for businesses pursuing clean and sustainable production. With its potential and development opportunities, the Song Tra Industrial Zone promises to remain a key driving force for Vietnam's socio-economic development in the future.

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