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Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Zone

August 10, 2023

At a glance

Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company (TTC IZ) has signed a contract to deploy the iLotusLand IoT Platform – in Data Monitoring of Wastewater System and Water Supply Systems:

  • Ensure 100% of waste sources discharged into the environment are guaranteed QCVN quality according to QCVN according to Circular 24 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Government Decree on environmental protection.
  • Ensure 100% of the water supply system is operating stably to supply more than 100 customers of the industrial park.
  • Digital transformation and integration with the corporation’s ERP system increase the ESG index in the international market.


TTC IZ belongs to TTC Group, established in 1979. Currently, TTC IZ is one of the largest industrial parks in the region with the main business lines: Industrial Park and Manufacturing Processing Zone. Products and services, Industrial land leasing, ready-built factory rental, and accompanying infrastructure services such as electricity supply, water supply, drainage, etc.

Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park circumstances

Standing as the general manager of the data center system of the Environmental Departments, IT Departments, and Corporations, TTC always wishes to receive incident information quickly to handle swiftly and promptly. But currently, TTC is having problems due to a scattered system.

  • Systems using SCADA software aren’t concentrated and challenging to monitor and require human resources simultaneously.
  • Failure to detect system performance problems in time, not enough data information for maintenance.
  • Difficult to monitor project investment efficiency, not optimize reporting and monitoring tools for stakeholders.
kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform

TTC IZ also wishes to predict the situation through data integrated with the camera monitoring system at every station to solve incident problems.

iLotusLand’s challenges of deployment Thanh Thanh Cong IZ

The monitoring system and equipment at TTC IZ are being invested in gradually, with differences in hardware components. Therefore, our experts conduct detailed surveys and develop suitable, cost-effective construction plans, especially for stations using old Siemens equipment. We will additionally integrate the Envidata 1801 DataLogger to enable remote data transmission.

kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform
kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform

It can be seen that TTC IZ is a large Industrial Park, Along with relatively available devices, iLotusLand needs to update and centralize data among devices, which is also one of the challenges that iLotusLand has to solve.

iLotusLand - A centralized solution for data management and monitoring.

By hardware solutions, we will centralize and synchronize data to the central iLotusLand On-Premise version (installing on Customer Infrastructure).

iLotusLand Platform Connectivity Model
iLotusLand Platform Connectivity Model

iLotusLand deploys centralized monitoring software for wastewater and water supply on the Web/Mobile platform, meeting the needs of the Corporation's system administrators, operators, and the Management Board.

The iLotusLand system is designed to be simple and focused on ease of use with 6 key features:

  • Data connection: Ability to connect data via FTP protocol, fully meeting Circular 10/2021/TT-BTNMT. Provide data monitoring on any platform, understand data, and make informed decisions.
  • Camera connection: Supporting managers to save time monitoring and making decisions with images from instant data.
  • Remote control: Remotely control your monitoring stations and samplers with our iLotusLand software.
  • Reporting and data analysis: Easily combine collected data to produce overview reports and comments, and share them with stakeholders.
  • Interaction, storage: A practical, uniform, and rapid internal communication method, helping TTC IZ to manage incidents and monitor information.

The benefits for Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park (TTC IZ) include:

Some specific benefits for TTC IZ when using iLotusLand environmental monitoring software are as follows:

  • 100% operate the wastewater treatment system and water supply remotely on the web or mobile versions.
  • Many different departments can share monitoring data.
  • Optimizing time and human resources in monitoring critical points in the system and catching the actual situation as quickly as possible for timely handling when the indicators fluctuate are not good.

Implementation and training of iLotusLand software for data management and monitoring

One of the differences of iLotusLand is the fast deployment time since the contract is signed because iLotusLand’s products have been packaged and standardized according to ISO 270001.

One of the missions of TTC IZ is to contribute to the sustainable development of the community. Therefore, the use of environmental monitoring software like iLotusLand is a valuable support tool that enables the Management Board of TTC Industrial Park to monitor the entire wastewater and drainage system of the industrial park from anywhere.

kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform
kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform kcn-ttc-iloutus-platform

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