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EnviData 1801 Datalogger

Datalogger system for receiving, transmitting, and managing data
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EnviData 1801 Datalogger

The system is capable of receiving, recording, and managing environmental monitoring data by directly connecting to measuring devices, analyzers, controllers, and automatic sampling systems (if any).
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Product benefits

The system is capable of receiving, recording, and managing environmental monitoring data.

Data is transmitted via FTP, FTPs, or sFTP protocols.

Data is transmitted in real-time, with a maximum delay of 5 minutes.


Allow remote control signals for automatic sampling (if any) and data retrieval upon request.

Technical Specifications

Datalogger system for receiving, transmitting, and managing data

Origin/Place of origin




Protection level



12/24 VDC

SIM card

2 SIM card slots, with automatic SMS alerting function

Transmission signal

4G / Ethernet network

Display screen / HMI

OLED graphic display (128x64 pixels)


LED, Built-in advanced auto-diagnostics

Storage speed / record speed

- Data and event recording on SD card with 0,1 sec res. Supports SD cards up to 32GB

- Supports 12V SLA battery backup interface

Transmission method

- GPRS/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE - file transfer protocol
- Email (without SSL)
- Sending logged data as a text or csv format file to the configured FTP servers

4G modem and Internet port

- 4G: Bands 1,3,8,20,28 (700,800,900,1800,2100 MHz)
- Ăng-ten: 50Ω
- 2 SIM holders - Dual-SIM support
- Ethernet port 10Base-T/100Base-TX

Industrial communication MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP

- Isolated RS-232/485 serial port
- RS-232 serial port with 5 V / 500 mA feeding
- Internet port 10Base-T/100Base-TX

Input signal status

16 binary inputs - according to IEC 61131-2 standard for switch type 1 and 3
- Signal range (π - π6): 0 - 30V
- Minimum current value: 2.4 nA
- Voltage value for ON: > 9.4 V
- Voltage value for OFF: < 8.4 V

Trạng thái tín hiệu đầu ra

12 binary outputs
- Maximum current: 100 mA
- Voltage drop: > 0.5 V max
- OFF state: < 100µA max

Analog Input signal

16 binary inputs
- Analog Input signal (4 ports) from n to 14
- Type: opto-isolated
- Current range: 4 - 20 mA
- Maximum current: 30 mA
- Input impedance dynamic: 110 Ω typ
- Voltage drop @20mA: < 2.2 V
- Accuracy: 0.5%

Typical Projects

Sun World Ba Na Hills
Formosa Ha Tinh
Vietnamese National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Limited
VSIP 1, VSIP 2, and VSIP 2 extension Industrial Parks

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