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iLotusland for Document

Rationalization and integration of IoT platform to manage your document
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Product benefits

Providing centralized solutions for efficient data management and storage
Streamlined Data Accessibility

Streamlined Data Accessibility

Easy and quick access to data for authorized users across the organization.
Data Consistency and Accuracy

Data Consistency and Accuracy

Maintain consistent and accurate data across the organization.
Efficient Data Collaboration

Efficient Data Collaboration

Multiple users can access and work on the same data simultaneously, promoting real-time collaboration.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduce costs associated with data management and storage.

Main features

Automatic Environmental Monitoring Data Publishing1

Data management

Store and retrieve contact information, projects, and records of the business. You can customize it for each field of information.
SupportAir Quality Index (AQI) - iLotusland Environment Portal

Customer support

Easily receive and promptly process requests from departments and customer.
Billing iLotusland for Document


Directly connect to data from electricity and water meters to generate electricity billing reports in PDF format. Manage and track the billing process.
Report - iLotusland for Document


Support exporting reports based on custom fields for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

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