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Cloud or Ground: Making Informed Decisions Between On-Cloud and On-Premise Solutions

Posted on January 18, 2024

Event information

Online - Linked in
11 PM - 12 AM
January 30, 2024 - January 30, 2024

The choice between on-cloud and on-premise solutions is not just a significant decision but also a strategic process that requires careful consideration and an in-depth understanding of how each option aligns with the organization's goals and specific characteristics.

When deploying a system for managing and monitoring observational data, organizations not only encounter technical factors but also must make decisions within the context of strategy and resources. Both solutions offer distinct benefits. Cloud solutions bring flexibility and easy scalability, whereas on-premise solutions provide higher control and customization

iLotusLand, with a mission to highlight the diversity of choices and help organizations better understand the pros and cons of each solution, is organizing a webinar with the theme 'Making Informed Decisions Between On-Cloud and On-Premise Solutions.' We will present detailed information, engage in in-depth discussions on use cases, and provide guidance to ensure the decisions made are robust and reliable.

Event information

Cloud or Ground Making Informed Decisions Between On-Cloud and On-Premise Solutions x iLotusLand webinar 300124

We believe that a clear understanding of these decision factors not only helps organizations streamline deployment processes but also fosters progress and innovation in observational data management. Join iLotusLand in this webinar to make informed decisions that best align with your goals.

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