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Deploying an emissions monitoring data platform at Tri Viet Power Co., LTD
Currently, Vietnam utilizes various energy sources to generate steam and heat, including saturated steam and heat systems. However, during the production of these types of energy, emissions can be generated, including gases like CO2 (carbon dioxide) or other pollutant gases, depending on the feedstock used. If the input materials for energy production are not well managed, it can lead to unsustainable extraction practices or environmentally harmful impacts. In pursuit of environmental protection for sustainable development, Tri Viet Energy Limited Liability Company has implemented emissions monitoring data software developed by iLotusLand.
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The development of hydropower in Vietnam has significantly contributed to the country's economic growth over the past two decades. However, it has also been a major cause of environmental issues, resulting in changes to the landscape, affecting water resources, and having serious impacts on forests, fisheries, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Therefore, with the goal of sustainable economic development, Son La Hydropower Company has collaborated with iLotusLand Vietnam to implement a software project for surface water monitoring, serving water resources in particular and environmental protection in Vietnam in general.
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In recent years, the Vietnamese paper manufacturing industry has made significant strides. However, activities during the paper production process greatly impact considerably to the atmospheric environment. With a focus on development combined with environmental protection of the Marubeni Corporation, iLotusLand has successfully implemented an automatic emissions monitoring system that meets all the requirements of Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging Company (KOA).
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With the increasing demand for electricity in our society, the main source of waste from thermal power plants such as emissions, production wastewater, coolant, domestic wastewater, slag & ash keeps growing. It has a large impact on the environment. Most thermal power plants invest in installing automated monitoring systems because these systems perform detailed measurements and analysis of the produced waste, and compare those results to signal which ones are potentially harmful to the evironment. At the same time, the effective monitoring and the management of automatic monitoring data is also important. iLotusLand is a great solution to solve the problem of automatic monitoring for environmental data and is used by many customers in the field of thermal power and gas.
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