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Cao Bang Steel Joint Stock Company

January 2, 2024

Joint Stock Company Cao Bang Steel established on October 31, 2006, the company is an entity operating in the field of steel production and business in Vietnam. Through a multi-industry collaboration involving the General Mining Corporation, the Song Hong Construction Corporation, and the Cao Bằng Province Mining and Metallurgy Joint Stock Company, the company has continuously developed and actively contributed to the diversification of the industrial sector and the socio-economic development at the local level.

The overall view of the Cao Bằng Steel Exploitation Area

1/ Objectives and commitments:

Cao Bằng Iron and Steel is making continuous efforts to maximize the exploitation and development of the mineral resources potential in Cao Bằng province, known for its vast plains and majestic mountains. The primary goal is to ensure a stable and high-quality supply for the steel industry, while also creating employment opportunities and contributing to the local budget.

2/ Infrastructure and technology

The factory possesses modern infrastructure and is equipped with advanced production machinery, ensuring not only product quality but also optimizing the entire production process, from ore extraction to steel production.

3/ Projects and activities

In addition to establishing the Cao Bằng Iron and Steel Complex, the company is also involved in the Nà Rụa iron ore mining project. These projects not only generate income for the company but also contribute to the diversification of the industry and enhance competitiveness in the international market.

4/ Environmental and social commitments

Cao Bằng Iron and Steel is committed to implementing production according to the highest environmental standards and actively participating in social activities. The company consistently strives for sustainability in all activities, prioritizing safety and quality.

With an annual production of hundreds of thousands of tons of iron and steel, the Cao Bằng Iron and Steel Plant places itself at the forefront of environmental protection efforts. It commits to strictly adhering to environmental protection requirements in managing emissions.

To achieve this goal, the Cao Bằng Iron and Steel Plant has implemented an automatic emission monitoring system and utilizes the iLotusLand monitoring software. This ensures efficient management and monitoring of air quality emissions, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility.

At Cao Bằng Steel Plant, emission monitoring stations are in place to track air pollutants

5/ Future vision

In 2023, the revenue of Cao Bằng Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company reached 1,982 billion VND. The production and extraction quantities are as follows: crushed stone production reached 90,508 m3 out of 135,000, equivalent to 67% of the yearly plan; raw iron ore extraction achieved 33,901 tons out of 40,000, equal to 84.8% of the yearly plan; iron ore refinement reached 37,944 tons out of 37,500, equal to 101% of the yearly plan; and steel billet production reached 160,949 tons out of 220,000, equivalent to 73.15% of the yearly plan. From now until the end of the year, the company strives to surpass the targets, fulfill its contributions to the state budget, create employment opportunities, and ensure stable incomes for workers.

With a strategic vision, the company aims to become a leading entity in the steel production industry in Vietnam and the region. The company not only focuses on economic development but also aims to promote sustainable development and social integration within the community.

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