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Công ty Thuỷ Điện Sơn La

December 4, 2023

The development of hydropower in Vietnam has significantly contributed to the country's economic growth over the past two decades. However, it has also been a major cause of environmental issues, resulting in changes to the landscape, affecting water resources, and having serious impacts on forests, fisheries, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Therefore, with the goal of sustainable economic development, Son La Hydropower Company has collaborated with iLotusLand Vietnam to implement a software project for surface water monitoring, serving water resources in particular and environmental protection in Vietnam in general.

Son La Hydropower Company

Son La Hydropower Company is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) and is responsible for operating and managing the Son La Hydropower Plant, one of the largest hydropower projects in Vietnam. The Son La Hydropower Plant is located on the Da River in Son La Province, Vietnam. It is one of the significant hydropower projects in Vietnam, contributing to the supply of clean and renewable electricity from water resources.

Son La Hydropower Company

The Son La Hydropower Project began construction in 2005 and was completed in 2012. This plant has a large capacity, providing electricity to millions of people and businesses in Vietnam. Simultaneously, it helps control floods and provides water for irrigation and other purposes.

The Son La Hydropower Plant has a large capacity, with a total installed capacity of 2,400 megawatts (MW). It is one of the largest hydropower plants in Vietnam, making a significant contribution to the country's electricity supply and flood control in the Da River region.

Positive Impacts of Son La Hydropower Company

Son La Hydropower Company, through the operation of the Son La Hydropower Plant, has had numerous positive impacts on the region and the surrounding community. The Son La Hydropower Plant provides a large supply of water and electricity, improving access to clean water and electricity for millions of households and businesses, especially in rural and remote areas. Additionally, it helps control flooding and supports economic growth in the region. 

The Son La Hydropower Plant has actively implemented various measures to ensure production and power supply, encouraging everyone to use electricity efficiently, turn off unnecessary electrical devices, and contribute to reducing the pressure on power supply during hot seasons.

Son La Hydropower Company Partners with iLotusLand for Surface Water Monitoring

Similar to other large hydropower projects that require compliance with environmental standards and measures to mitigate environmental impacts, the company has proactively implemented environmental protection measures to ensure clean and safe water. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using clean energy sources such as hydropower instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil. It creates favorable conditions for ecological tourism and economic development in the surrounding area, demonstrating social and corporate responsibility.

In line with these efforts, after thorough discussions and a direct understanding of environmental regulations, Son La Hydropower Company decided to implement and use iLotusLand software for surface water monitoring. This is a prerequisite for environmental protection, ensuring the preservation of the living environment and contributing to raising awareness of environmental protection among businesses and individuals.

iLotusLand environmental monitoring data monitoring software interface
iLotusLand environmental monitoring data monitoring software interface

Current Status

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for environment – On Cloud
Number of monitoring stations 02

Through the process of measuring and analyzing parameters such as COD, pH, Oil, TSS, NH4, the monitoring indices will be continuously transmitted directly to the software for timely alerts regarding surface water quality at the installation site. This enables the company to promptly detect and address any potential environmental changes that may affect the quality of the surrounding environment. 

Collaborate with Son La Hydropower Company Is Our Honor

Following successful projects, iLotusLand has completed the deployment of continuous automatic surface water monitoring software at the Son La Hydropower Company.

With over 9 years of experience, leading the Vietnamese market in environmental data management and monitoring through IoT technology. We are proud to have successfully provided effective real-time environmental data management solutions to many domestic and international enterprises.

Once again, iLotusLand sincerely thanks its partners. We are honored to be in cooperation with Son La Hydropower Company!

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