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Binh Duong Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE)

August 17, 2018

Bình Dương, a province in southern Vietnam, is known as a bustling industrial hub with over 30 industrial parks, covering 12,670 hectares and housing hundreds of operating factories. This vibrant landscape is home to a diverse range of industries, including textiles, electronics, wood processing, and food manufacturing, making the province a top contributor to Vietnam's GDP. However, this development also comes with significant challenges in terms of environmental protection.

Binh Duong is aware of the environmental challenges and is taking steps to address them. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) of Binh Duong Province is the state agency responsible for managing natural resources and the environment in the province.

Functions and tasks of the DONRE of Bình Dương:

  • State management of water resources, minerals, land, forest resources, sea and islands;
  • State management on environmental protection.
  • State management of surveying, mapping, and cadastral;
  • Terrain mapping, thematic mapping.
  • Inspection of natural resources and environment;
  • Emulation and commendation work;
  • Other tasks assigned by the People's Committee of the province.
Department of Natural Resources and Environment Binh Duong


  • Address: No. 6, Binh Duong Boulevard, Phu Hoa Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
  • Phone: (0274) 3822 572
  • Fax: (0274) 3822 557
  • Website:

The DONRE of Binh Duong has 17 specialized departments and offices and 03 affiliated units.

The DONRE of Binh Duong has been and is fulfilling its assigned functions and tasks well, contributing to environmental protection and socio-economic development of Bình Dương Province.

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