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BRD Da Nang golf course

December 4, 2023

BRG Da Nang golf course was designed by golf legend "white shark" Greg Norman in the first traditional style in Southeast Asia, but with the image of a Links-style golf course in Scotland thanks to the natural terrain structure, less trees and located near the sea.

Coming to BRG Da Nang golf course, golfers promise to have interesting experiences with an 18-hole golf course with an average area of 60-100 hectares spread along Non Nuoc beach and charming Ngu Hanh Son landscape. BRG golf course was opened in 2010 and was included in the list of the top 15 golf courses in the world by Golf Magazine in 2010 and voted by the prestigious golf magazine Asia Golf Monthly as "The best golf course in the world". Vietnam” in 2012 and 2013.

In addition, right from the beginning of its opening, BRG Da Nang was considered as the best new golf course in Vietnam and the golf course with the most beautiful clubhouse in Vietnam in 2010-2011, voted by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in coordination with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Organized by Vietnam Golf Magazine.

BRD Da Nang golf course
BRD Da Nang golf course

The current status of the implementation of data monitoring software

In terms of the environment as well as news streams related to how golf courses affect the green belt for urban areas as well as the high speed of urbanization, green areas are gradually disappearing.

According to Circular 17/2021/TT-BTNMT stipulating the supervision of exploitation and use of water resources, replacing Circular 47, the monitoring and monitoring of underground water for golf courses is part of the commitment to keep environment as well as towards the sustainable development of golf courses. With so many choices, BRG has trusted the iLotusLand environmental IoT platform to help BRG Danang golf course aim for a common goal for sustainable development.

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand On Cloud
Number of monitoring stations 01

The challenges in monitoring data measurements

To keep the golf course always covered in green, it is necessary to exploit a large amount of groundwater for the care and maintenance of the course surface. In order for the groundwater exploitation process to take place to meet the standards prescribed by law, in addition to groundwater monitoring, BRG Danang Golf Course Management Board always wishes to receive information about water incidents. underground quickly for timely and fastest processing.

However, during operation, BRG Da Nang golf course encountered challenges in terms of incident management. The need for remote monitoring, and automatic warning via sms, mobile, and web channels has not been met. This leads to the problem of not detecting timely warnings between the center and the operator, delaying the troubleshooting process, increasing the risk of negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

Application of IoT technology for monitoring and collecting environmental data

In the phase of implementing iLotusLand software with BRG Da Nang golf course in 2020, along with the status of an available monitoring station at a previously exploited underground water well, iLotusLand has brought a specific solution in monitoring mining operations. underground waterfall according to the latest circular of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

  • Connecting from hardware devices to iLotusLand software for monitoring and quality of exploited underground wells to fully meet the criteria as well as the mission towards the future in environmental protection.

  • iLotusLand software responds to problems of connection, remote monitoring and instant warning during underground water extraction.
The iLotusLand platform connectivity model
iLotusLand data monitoring platform connection model


The application of iLotusLand software to monitoring groundwater exploitation in golf course management has brought many immediate and long-term benefits.

  • The iLotusLand centralized monitoring platform has become a useful tool to help save costs for monitoring and managing water resources at BRG Danang golf course.
  • Ensuring the smooth exploitation of groundwater, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and meeting the standards prescribed by law for more sustainable development of this type of recreational sport.

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