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Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

November 21, 2023

Thai Binh Thermal Power is a symbol of progress and a significant contribution to the diversity and stability of the energy sector in Vietnam. Built and operated by the Power Generation Corporation 3, the project is not only an electricity production infrastructure but also evidence of the effective integration of advanced technology and a strong commitment to environmental protection.

The Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has become an integral part of the stable electricity supply for the national grid, setting high standards for safety and environmental performance. With a mission to meet the increasing demand for electricity while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental protection, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant presents an excellent model for the efficient integration of economic development and environmental protection in Vietnam.

Impressive Figures of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

With over 05 years of management and operation, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has demonstrated its exceptional and effective role in the power industry. The remarkable figures are the result of the concerted efforts and continuous dedication of the staff, coupled with the strong commitment of the company to sustainable development and the continuous provision of safe electricity for the national grid.


After more than 05 years of operation, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has overcome numerous challenges to achieve a significant milestone - the production of 20 billion kWh of electricity. The stability and safety in operation not only motivate the company's development but also contribute significantly to the electricity supply capacity of the national power system.

These achievements not only showcase professionalism in management but also reflect the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant's commitment to quality, safety, and environmental protection criteria. The company is not just a reliable source of electricity but also sets an exemplary standard for caring and protecting natural resources.


Social Contributions of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

Over the course of more than 05 years of management and operation, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has made substantial contributions to the local community and society. Firstly, with its large-scale operations, the plant has created employment opportunities for the local population, improving income for many families. Additionally, revenue from electricity production is a significant source of income for the local budget, supporting community development projects and policies.

Furthermore, the plant not only focuses on electricity production but also actively participates in social and charitable activities. Contributions to charity funds, support for impoverished communities, and investments in environmental protection programs are ways in which the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant demonstrates social responsibility and solidarity with the surrounding community.

Implementation of 6 Emission Monitoring Stations and Environmental Management Software

The Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has achieved a significant step forward in environmental protection by installing 6 emission monitoring stations throughout the plant premises. This effort is not only a clear commitment to meeting stringent environmental standards but also a firm commitment of the plant to environmental management and sustainability.

To optimize the monitoring and management of monitoring data, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has integrated the use of iLotusLand software.This software not only automates data collection from the 6 monitoring stations but also provides efficient environmental analysis and monitoring tools.


With real-time monitoring capabilities of iLotusLand, the plant can quickly respond to undesirable fluctuations in air quality. Graphic interfaces and automated reports make it easy for managers to monitor and assess the environmental situation immediately, enabling informed and timely decisions to protect the surrounding environment.

By combining the installation of emission monitoring stations and using iLotusLand software, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant not only demonstrates its commitment to the environment but also ensures that all production activities take place sustainably and meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

With the installation of 6 emission monitoring stations and the use of iLotusLand software, the Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant has not only met environmental requirements but has also pioneered the application of technology to monitor and manage the environment efficiently. This is a significant step forward, demonstrating the plant's innovation and commitment to building a green, clean, and sustainable living environment for the community and the world.

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