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Environmental monitoring management software: data management and monitoring

August 24, 2023

In recent years, Vietnam has witnessed economic development, industrialization, and urbanization, while simultaneously facing increasing environmental pressures. This situation has created an urgent need for environmental management and resource protection to ensure a sustainable future. Effective environmental management and protection require the intervention of technology, including environmental monitoring software.

Environmental management and resource conservation for the future

According to Decree 40/2019/ND-CP dated May 13, 2019, which regulates environmental management and reporting, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for transmitting environmental data to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - General Department of Environment. This helps to synthesize and analyze environmental information to make more effective environmental management decisions and policies.

To ensure continuous and accurate monitoring of environmental quality, the use of environmental quality measurement devices, along with data collection, storage, and transmission, is indispensable.

Application of IoT Technology in Environmental Management

iLotusLand, with its leading research team, has developed software for managing and monitoring environmental monitoring data, effectively addressing challenges in environmental management. This software automatically collects, stores, manages, and analyzes real-time data from environmental monitoring stations.

Key Features of iLotusLand Environmental Monitoring Software

iLotusLand provides a solution that applies IoT technology to quickly and efficiently manage and monitor environmental monitoring data. The iLotusLand monitoring software helps track indices and information regarding air, water, soil quality, and other environmental factors.

The software has met the requirements for receiving data from environmental monitoring devices, collecting, processing large data, monitoring data, equipment status in real-time, controlling and monitoring automatic sampling, managing data transmission between environmental management agencies, exploiting, publishing and sharing data to research agencies, publicly providing information to people.

iLotusLand LED Public at Phu My II Industrial Park, Mong Duong 2 Thermal Power Plant

Environmental monitoring data collection

This software seamlessly connects with various environmental IoT devices and multiple data sources. It automatically gathers information from environmental monitoring stations, including air pollutant concentrations, water pollution levels, weather data, and other environmental indicators. The software provides real-time monitoring of environmental monitoring data and can send instant notifications and alerts to devices, aiding management teams in early detection and effective response.

Connecting monitoring cameras in monitoring stations

iLotusLand software connects nearly all IP cameras on the market (99%) as well as IoT devices compatible with high-quality display on mobile devices. Helps to continuously monitor images at monitoring stations without having to go to the site.

Integration of all IP cameras on the market (99%)

Remote control of monitoring stations

With remote control function, iLotusLand for environment software allows easy management of monitoring stations and sampling control from anywhere and anytime. You can schedule automatic sampling. In particular, the system will automatically take samples when exceeding the threshold.

Report environmental monitoring data

The software provides a graphic interface to display real-time environmental monitoring data and can be customized to make smart decisions and optimize environmental monitoring operations. It also provides analysis tools to view trends, evaluate environmental quality, and identify potential issues.

iLotusLand environmental monitoring data monitoring software interface

Interactive feedback

You can easily create new incidents or assign tasks to team members, track their progress, and receive updates on task progress. This helps to share information among team members more quickly, allowing them to quickly access the resources they need to solve problems.


The software supports automatic and fast fee calculation with various different forms, optimizing customer service and cash flow management. Data from multiple sources will be automatically and accurately aggregated by the software, saving time and resources.

iLotusLand environmental monitoring data management and monitoring software is commonly used by environmental management agencies, research organizations, and businesses to ensure safety and environmental protection.

Customers trust iLotusLand's environmental monitoring software

Chính thức triển khai từ năm 2014, đến nay iLotusLand đã kết nối hơn 1000 trạm quan trắc, ứng dùng cho hơn 600 Nhà máy FDI (Coca-Cola, Orion, EVN Genco, Formosa Hà Tĩnh, Vedan, Acecook,…), Khu công nghiệp (KCN Amata Đồng Nai, KCN VSIP 1,2, 2A Bình Dương, KCN Sài Gòn VRG, KCN Protrade Bình Dương,…) và các cơ quan quản lý nhà nước về môi trường: Hơn 30 Sở Tài nguyên & Môi trường Hà Nội, TP Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Ninh, Bình Dương, Bình Định,…

To date, iLotusLand Platform has exported software to 11 markets: India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine, Mongolia, UAE, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. Positioning as a pioneer in industrial IoT platforms, iLotusLand aims to expand to the international market.

Control center of Quang Ninh DONRE

iLotusLand for Environment has had the honor of receiving the Sao Khuê Award for '"Excellent IT Software Solution in Vietnam" in two categories: Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as Government Solutions.

iLotusLand receiving Sao Khue 2023 Award

To this day, iLotusLand has been chosen and trusted by international partners to manage and monitor environmental monitoring data in countries such as India, Myanmar, Malaysia, the UAE, and Ukraine. Recently, iLotusLand has expanded its international presence to Indonesia, positioning itself as a pioneering technology company in the industrial IoT platform sector.

iLotusLand expand the international market

iLotusLand is the first and only Vietnamese company to participate in the Water Indonesia 2023 Exhibition and we have set up a booth at the largest Environmental and Renewable Energy Exhibition in Asia, marking Vietnam's presence with a unique booth that offers international customers and partners top-quality products and solutions in the field of environmental monitoring.

iLotusLand booth at Water Indonesia 2023 event

It was enhancing environmental monitoring and management, ensuring compliance with government regulations on wastewater discharge and environmental protection as per the decrees and circulars. Installing environmental monitoring data collection devices, it enables relevant authorities to accurately and promptly monitor and assess environmental quality. iLotusLand is a significant contributor to environmental monitoring and protection efforts.

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