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Toyota Vietnam

December 4, 2023

Since its early days, Toyota Vietnam has consistently strived to become a "Green Enterprise." Not only do they make efforts to minimize environmental impacts, but they also invest in researching and applying environment-friendly technologies within their plant. Additionally, the company supports its dealers and suppliers in carrying out activities for environmental improvement and protection to complete a "closed-loop green cycle." To meet these needs, Toyota Vietnam partnered with iLotusLand and Viet An to successfully implement an automatic wastewater monitoring system, meeting all environmental requirements of Vinh Phuc province and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Toyota Vietnam

Toyota Vietnam (TOYOTA VIETNAM) was established in September 1995 as a joint venture with an initial investment capital of 89.6 million USD, with 70% from Toyota Japan Group, 20% from Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM), and 10% from KUO Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Toyota Vietnam

As one of the first joint venture automobile companies in the Vietnamese market, Toyota Vietnam consistently strives for sustainable development and "Advancing Towards the Future" with Vietnam. The company has, is, and will continuously provide high-quality products and excellent after-sales services to bring the highest satisfaction to customers, as well as actively contribute to the development of the automotive industry and Vietnam as a nation.

In addition to business activities, Toyota Vietnam always makes positive contributions to the state budget by diligently fulfilling tax obligations and actively contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam's community and society through long-term, practical, and meaningful activities.

Potential for the development of the Vietnamese Automobile Industry 

After a period of downturn due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese market, in particular, and the automobile industry in the past 2 years, have seen a strong recovery, with increasing investment projects expanding factories and domestically assembling vehicle models instead of imports. This is crucial to drive the development of the domestic automobile industry, as it provides an opportunity for industry support manufacturers to participate more deeply in the supply chain and localize products.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has put forward some content regarding the implementation of the development strategy of the Vietnamese automobile industry. Of note is the information that the domestic automobile market in recent years has grown better than expected. The forecast is that Vietnam's demand for automobiles in 2025, according to the average scenario, will reach about 800 – 900 thousand vehicles, and in 2030, about 1.5 – 1.8 million vehicles. In reality, people's demand for using cars continues to increase, demonstrating the immense potential of the Vietnamese automobile market, and consumers have the right to be smart customers.

Toyota always aims for Water Saving and Protection

To meet the increasing trend, Toyota Vietnam has undergone several production upgrades and expansions to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam's automobile industry and other related industries, both in general and in Vinh Phuc province in particular. However, the increase in production has had a considerable impact on the environment and the risk of other incidents. It is for these reasons that Toyota Vietnam has plans and actions in place for preventive measures and response to environmental incidents within the enterprise framework to reduce the risk of incidents.

For vehicle production activities at Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV), water is used in many stages such as surface cleaning, electrostatic painting, exhaust treatment, and many other stages. Therefore, controlling water consumption and treating wastewater are extremely important. The wastewater generated from production and daily activities averages about 388m3/day and night. The company has built a No.1 wastewater treatment system, with a capacity of 450m3/day and night, and a No.2 wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 500m3/day and night.

Toyota Vietnam's wastewater treatment system

Toyota Vietnam Implements Installation and Utilization of iLotusLand Software to Monitor Wastewater Data

Controlling the quality of wastewater output is one of the important objectives in the environmental policy that TMV has constructed and implemented since its early days. TMV focuses on and continuously invests in researching the optimal solutions for wastewater treatment at its source.

To keep up with the increasing expectations of stakeholders, Toyota is committed to actively promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) initiatives. That's why Toyota Vietnam has decided to invest in and install an automated wastewater monitoring system to measure the quality of wastewater before discharging it into the environment in the wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 500m3/day and night. This serves as a premise for environmental protection, contributing to enhancing the environmental awareness of businesses in general and individuals in particular.

iLotusLand software for the environment

Current Status

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for environment – On Cloud
Number of monitoring stations 01

The automatic wastewater monitoring system will automatically and continuously monitor the following parameters: COD, TSS, pH, Temperature, Ammonium, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphate, Nickel, influent flow rate, and effluent flow rate. Wastewater monitoring data is recorded and transmitted to the central station in accordance with the current legal regulations. The data transmission system is located at the wastewater monitoring station, and the signals are input into the data transmission unit, which is taken before being input into the monitoring system at the factory to ensure the original signals. The data is transmitted to the Operations Center, managing environmental monitoring data under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Vinh Phuc province, at a frequency of 5 minutes per transmission.

iLotusLand environmental monitoring data monitoring software interface
iLotusLand environmental monitoring data monitoring software interface

Collaborate with Toyota Vietnam is our honor

Following the successful installations of previous projects, iLotusLand has completed the implementation of continuous automatic wastewater monitoring software at Toyota Vietnam in Vinh Phuc province.

With over 9 years of experience, leading the Vietnamese market in environmental data management and monitoring through IoT technology. We are proud to have successfully provided effective real-time environmental data management solutions to many domestic and international enterprises.

Once again, iLotusLand would like to express sincere appreciation to our valued partner. We are delighted to be a part of this collaborative journey with Toyota Vietnam!

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