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VICEM Ha Tien cement joint stock company

March 30, 2021


VICEM Ha Tien cement joint stock company the predecessor is the Ha Tien Cement Plant, established on April 15, 1961. The plant officially commenced operations on March 21, 1964, with an initial capacity of 240,000 tons of clinker per year in Kien Luong and 280,000 tons of cement per year in the Thủ Đức Plant.


In 2007, the company was transformed into a Joint Stock Company. In 2010, the company merged with Ha Tien 2 Cement Joint Stock Company, increasing the total production capacity to 5.8 million tons of cement per year.

The company is one of the largest cement manufacturers in Vietnam, holding approximately a 10% market share. It specializes in the production of various types of cement for civil, industrial, transportation, and hydraulic engineering projects.

The company continually strives to improve the quality of its products and services, meeting the needs of customers both domestically and internationally. The company also actively participates in social activities, contributing to the development of the community.

Environmental Commitment

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection, VICEM Ha Tien cement joint stock company has made significant investments in an automatic and continuous environmental monitoring system. This not only helps the company ensure the quality of emissions into the environment but also aids in controlling the efficiency of dust filtration systems and exhaust fans, optimizing production costs in the process.

VICEM Ha Tien Cement monitors emissions

The company has successfully implemented a phased emission monitoring system. Phase 1 focuses on monitoring emissions from cement kilns and smokestacks in grinding stations, while Phase 2 expands to monitor the air quality in the plant and its affiliated companies.

To meet the requirements of environmental management and the latest standards, the company has chosen to use the iLotusLand for Environment - On Premise monitoring software provided by iLotusLand Vietnam. This software facilitates the management and monitoring of emission data from the cement plant's emission sources effectively, meeting all criteria and the mission of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Learn more about projects at: VICEM Ha Tien Cement uses emissions monitoring software at the plant

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