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PT Bangun Reksa Envirotama

May 28, 2024

BRE is engaged in a wide spectrum of environmental activities, providing Waste Water Treatment Solutions, Waste Water Quality Monitoring Systems, Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS), and CEMS Maintenance & Calibration Services

Services of PT Bangun Reksa Envirotama

1/ Wastewater treatment solution

The success of BRE comes from meticulous preparation and detailed planning, supported by dedicated and professional experts.


2/ Wastewater Quality Monitoring System

Using a tool to measure wastewater quality parameters and discharge levels. The monitoring system operates automatically, and continuously, and is network-connected for efficient measurement and reporting.

3/ Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS)

Similar to the Wastewater Quality Monitoring System, AQMS is used to measure air quality parameters through automatic, continuous, and network-connected means.

4/ CEMS Maintenance & Calibration Test

Performing regular maintenance and supervision activities for data collected by the Continuous Emission Automatic System (CEMS). Services cover both systems provided by BRE and those installed by other manufacturers.



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