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iLotusLand Platform for Ambient Air Monitoring

November 3, 2023

Event information

Online - Linked in
16:00 - 17:00
November 21, 2023 - November 16, 2023

Today, air quality has become a prominent concern for both human health and the natural environment. Increasing urbanization, industrialization, and climate change have led to increasingly severe air pollution. In response to this issue, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a powerful tool for monitoring ambient air quality. This article will discuss the application of IoT in this field and introduce iLotusLand's IoT solution for monitoring ambient air. 

iLotusLand Demo Software Experience

iLotusLand offers an online demo experience of ambient air monitoring software. This allows you to explore the product more deeply, including data visualization, real-time alerts, report viewing, and many other features.

iLotusLand Platform for Ambient Air Monitoring

Thông tin chi tiết:

💡 Chủ đề: Nền tảng iLotusLand cho Giám Sát Không khí Xung Quanh

👤 Diễn giả: Ông Anh Nguyễn – International Business Development Manager

📆 Lịch trình: 16:00, 16/11/2023 (Giờ Việt Nam)

🌐 Nền tảng: Livestream LinkedIn của iLotusLand

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