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iLotusLand attends Water Indonesia Exhibition 2023

Posted on September 18, 2023

Water Indonesia 2023 Exhibition in Indonesia has ended with great success! During the 4-day event, from September 13 to 16, iLotusLand Vietnam's booth received a lot of attention from visitors. At this event, iLotusLand is the first Vietnamese company and only Vietnamese company to attend and set up a booth at Asia's largest Environment and Renewable Energy Exhibition Asia's largestmarking Vietnam's presence with a booth. unique, providing customers and international partners with top quality products and solutions in the field of environmental monitoring.

Customers and businesses check in to visit iLotusLand's booth

Scale of Water Indonesia 2023 exhibition

Water Indonesia 2023 is organized in parallel with “Mining Indonesia”, “Construction Indonesia”, “Oil&Gas Indonesia”, “Electric&Power Indonesia” and “Concrete Show”. These are issues that the Indonesian Government focuses on, an event guaranteed to be reliable, initiated by defense industry company PT Napindo Media Ashatama and organized at the JIExpo Jakarta International Exhibition, a Central location and favorable traffic situation in Jakarta. As a vibrant urban area, it offers visitors a wealth of cultural and tourist attractions in addition to the fair, providing professionals, businesses and enthusiasts with a central hub to learn and discuss the latest trends and innovations. 

Overview of Water Indonesia 2023 Exhibition

iLotusLand at Water Indonesia Exhibition 2023

At the event, we displayed advanced products from iLotusLand on environmental monitoring solutions aimed at sustainable development through demo product demonstrations, including 3 main products:

iLotusLand for environment:

LotusLand environmental monitoring data management and monitoring platform is an environmental monitoring data collection platform on the Cloud, a subsidiary of Viet An Group, which helps provide the ability to monitor environmental data from distance, improving environmental management and assessment, in addition to helping businesses manage and monitor environmental monitoring data accurately. The software focuses on 6 main features:

  • Collecting Data
  • Camera Connecting
  • Control Remotely
  • Reporting
  • Feedback & Communication
  • Billing

Datalogger 1801 & 2101

The 1801 & 2101 data transmission, Datalogger 1801 & 2101 is an important device for reliable data collection and transmission for environmental data monitoring. The system has the function of receiving, storing and managing the monitoring data environment through direct connection to measuring devices, analyzers, controllers, and automatic sampling systems (if any).

iMisff 3101 WW-ID

The iMisff 3101 WW-ID smart integrated wastewater monitoring system is system is an advanced solution for effectively monitoring and monitoring wastewater. This product helps improve wastewater management and protect the environment. Comprehensive and innovative automatic wastewater monitoring solution with 5 main parameters. The system is included in a single station, streamlining hardware and software integration to save costs and time. This system will continuously transmit measurement data to the customer's central control room and at the same time send it to the Ministry of Environment.

Our automated, continuous wastewater monitoring integrates high-precision sensors from EU/G7 manufacturers. The equipment has been certified for quality in hundreds of countries around the world, bringing absolute confidence to customers when choosing us. All devices are integrated into a single monitoring station. Easy setup and data monitoring via the control screen. Access remote monitoring through the iLotusLand Platform. Low costs for maintenance and servicing.

iLtusland có mặt tại sự kiện Water Indonesia 2023
iLotusLand is present at the Water Indonesia 2023 event

Purpose of the solution

All of these solutions help businesses optimize production processes and save time bringing products to market. Aiming for sustainable development, contributing to the breakthrough development of current and future environmental monitoring.

In addition to displaying products at the exhibition, iLotusLand also has a team of consultants and technicians always on duty at the booth, ready to directly support and advise customers and businesses.

Our professional team is always ready to advise and support customers 

Proud to bring Vietnamese brand value to the international level

Positioned as a pioneer in industrial IoT platforms, iLotusLand aims to expand into the international market. Not only connecting more than 1000 monitoring stations and applying to more than 600 FDI Factories/Industrial Parks (CoCa-Cola, Orion, TTC IZ, Amata IZ, VSIP Binh Duong, Formosa Ha Tinh, EVENCO3…)…) and 25 The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in the country, iLotusLand Platform has also exported software to 3 markets: India, Myanmar and Malaysia.

With the mission of upgrading, improving and optimizing the automatic environmental monitoring process to protect the environment, as well as save costs and increase productivity, iLotusLand is here to participate to have the opportunity to connect with partners. businesses, bringing practical values ​​with parallel benefits, creating long-term relationships.

iLotusLand is proud to be the perfect alternative software solution company to help businesses optimize costs. This is extremely necessary for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in the current difficult economic period.

Summary of iLotusLand's exhibition activities at Water Indonesia 2023

Ensuring products are delivered to customers in the most perfect way

With the motto "Towards customer success", since its inception, iLotusLand has always focused on the quality of each product, not letting any small errors in the production and operation process affect the quality of each product. affect customers during use. 

Thanks to the enthusiastic and cheerful consultation; iLotusLand always receives 100% satisfaction from the objective side
Thanks to the enthusiastic and cheerful consultation; iLotusLand always receives 100% satisfaction from the objective side

We listen to the needs of our customers

And in a time when customer satisfaction can help a business grow or stop, we always hope you will join iLotusLand as we strive to create value, develop products and customer engagement aspect. Và trong thời kỳ mà sự hài lòng của khách hàng có thể giúp doanh nghiệp phát triển hay dừng lại, chúng tôi luôn hy vọng các bạn sẽ chung sức cùng iLotusLand khi chúng tôi nỗ lực tạo ra giá trị, phát triển sản phẩm cũng như khía cạnh gắn kết khách hàng.

iLotusLand is always proud to be a company that greatly contributes to environmental monitoring and protection. We are very pleased to bring prestigious and modern software products for environmental monitoring to visitors at the booth.

Contact us now to experience more useful features, now and in the future !

For further information, please contact:
Hotline: +84 909 403 778
Facebook: iLotusLand – Leading in Industrial IoT Solutions
Linked in: iLotusLand – The 1st IoT Platform in Vietnam


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