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Invest in developing green industrial zones

July 9, 2024

In the context of increasingly severe climate change and environmental pollution, the trend of developing green, eco-friendly, and smart industrial zones is drawing significant attention from both domestic and international investors. In Vietnam, the "race" to invest in green industrial zones is in full swing, opening up many new opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development.


What is a Green Industrial Zone?

Green Industrial Park is an industrial zone that is planned, built, and operated according to environmentally friendly criteria, aiming for sustainable development. Green Industrial Zones focus on minimizing negative environmental impacts while enhancing the efficient use of natural resources and promoting sustainable socio-economic development.

The rapid increase of traditional industrial zones has led to many negative consequences for the environment, such as air, water, and noise pollution, affecting human health and ecosystems. Therefore, the development of green and smart industrial zones is an essential solution to protect the environment, respond to climate change, and promote sustainable development.

Research indicates that traditional industrial zones are gradually losing their competitive edge and are being replaced by green and eco-friendly industrial zones that prioritize sustainability, making them more attractive to investors.

The development of "green" industrial zones involves engaging in cleaner production activities, which is essential in contributing significantly to achieving national strategic goals and Vietnam's international commitments on climate change response, environmental protection, and sustainable development. The goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is considered a global trend today.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh Speaking at COP28

Benefits of Investing in Green Industrial Zones

1/ Environmental Benefits

  • Pollution Reduction Green Industrial Zones adopt advanced technologies to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, noise pollution, and waste, contributing to environmental protection and climate change mitigation.
  • Increased Green Spaces: These zones focus on planting trees, creating beautiful environmental landscapes, purifying the air, and improving ecosystems.
  • Efficient Use of Natural Resources: Green Industrial Zones implement measures to save energy and water, and reuse wastewater, contributing to the conservation of natural resources for future generations.

2/ Economic Benefits

  • Cost Savings in Production: By using energy efficiently and managing wastewater and waste effectively, Green Industrial Zones help businesses save on production and operational costs.
  • Enhanced Brand Image:Businesses operating in Green Industrial Zones are seen as environmentally friendly, attracting customers, partners, and potential investors. Doanh nghiệp hoạt động trong KCN xanh có hình ảnh thân thiện với môi trường, thu hút khách hàng, đối tác và nhà đầu tư tiềm năng.
  • Attractive Investment Incentives: The government offers many tax incentives and administrative support policies for businesses investing in Green Industrial Zones.
  • Facilitated Export Conditions: Products manufactured in Green Industrial Zones meet environmental standards, making it easier to export to demanding markets.

3/ Social Benefits

  • Improving quality of life: Residents living and working in Green Industrial Zones enjoy a clean and safe living environment, with improved health.
  • Job Creation: These zones attract many businesses, creating numerous job opportunities for workers, thus promoting local socio-economic development.
  • Community Development: Green Industrial Zones often include residential areas, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc., contributing to the development of the local community.

viet-nam-cam-ket-COP28-bien-doi-khi-hau4/ Long-term Benefits

  • Sustainable Development: Green Industrial Zones ensure harmonious economic and social development with the environment, laying the foundation for sustainable future growth.
  • Enhanced National Standing: Developing Green Industrial Zones in Vietnam will elevate the country's standing on the international stage, attract foreign investment, and foster international economic integration.

Investing in the development of Green Industrial Zones brings numerous benefits to the environment, economy, and society. It requires the combined efforts of the government, businesses, and communities to promote the development of Green Industrial Zones in Vietnam.

Industrial Real Estate Investors Developing Green Industrial Zones

To support the transformation of existing industrial zones into eco-industrial zones, since 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has cooperated with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to implement the project "Eco-industrial Park Initiative for Sustainable Industrial Zones in Vietnam". This project includes 603 solutions for Cleaner Production and Resource Efficiency (RECP), promoting industrial symbiosis models to increase resource productivity, contributing to the realization of a circular economy and achieving green growth. The total project implementation cost is over 1.8 million USD, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and is being deployed in the following industrial zones: Hiep Phuoc (Ho Chi Minh City), Amata - Bien Hoa (Dong Nai), Dinh Vu - Deep C (Hai Phong), Hoa Khanh (Da Nang), and Tra Noc 1&2 (Can Tho).

Viglacera Focuses on Developing Green Industrial Zones

Viglacera Corporation is accelerating the development of industrial zones based on green and smart models, aiming for sustainable development. A prime example is the "Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP" project in Bac Ninh, which incorporates advanced solutions such as smart lighting systems, solar energy, wastewater reuse, environmentally friendly materials, and extensive green spaces. The industrial zone employs smart technology for management and operation, ensuring efficiency and safety. Viglacera is committed to creating an attractive investment environment and partnering with investors to make "Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP" a model industrial zone, contributing to sustainable development in Vietnam.

Viglacera has announced the eco-smart industrial park "Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP

"Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP" is a testament to Viglacera's efforts in developing green industrial zones. This industrial zone attracts both domestic and foreign investors in high-tech industries, green manufacturing, and logistics, promoting regional socio-economic development. Viglacera's trend of developing green industrial zones contributes to environmental protection, climate change mitigation, and creating a sustainable future for Vietnam's industrial sector.

The eco-smart industrial park "Thuan Thanh Eco-Smart IP"

In addition, Viglacera Infrastructure Investment Company understands that industrial zone development and sustainability go hand in hand. Viglacera has installed automated monitoring stations prioritized for deployment in industrial zones. Furthermore, to optimize operations, Viglacera applies modern technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) in management processes through the implementation of iLotusLand software to monitor centralized wastewater in industrial zones.


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VSIP Group is focusing on green development

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's attendance and speech at the groundbreaking ceremony for Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park III (VSIP III - Binh Duong) on March 19, 2022, marked a significant milestone in the industrial park's development in the "industrial capital."

VSIP III - Binh Duong, with an investment capital of nearly 6.5 trillion VND, is built on a land area of 1,000 hectares in Hoi Nghia commune (Tan Uyen City) and Tan Lap commune (Bac Tan Uyen district). It exemplifies a model of smart and sustainable industrial park. Mai Hung Dung, Vice Chairman of the Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee, emphasized that the province is actively developing an ecosystem of innovation and science-technology, constructing green, smart, and sustainable industrial parks and urban areas. The goal is to attract high-value-added industries.

VSIP Binh Duong

KCN VSIP binh Duong has constructed and operates three centralized wastewater treatment plants including VSIP I, VSIP II, and VSIP IIA. To ensure compliance with strict environmental standards for wastewater treatment processes, KCN VSIP Binh Duong has implemented data management and monitoring technology through iLotusLand software. This software allows real-time monitoring and management of environmental monitoring data, including crucial parameters such as Ammonia, COD, Color, Flow, TSS, Temperature, and pH across all three plants. By applying advanced monitoring technology, we provide wastewater management solutions contributing to environmental management goals and the development of green industrial zones at KCN VSIP Binh Duong, while continuously improving industrial wastewater treatment processes. 

iLotusLand environmental monitoring data management and monitoring software

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VSIP Group, in collaboration between Vietnam and Singapore, has developed 12 new VSIP projects. Following the success of VSIP III - Binh Duong, on September 9, 2023, VSIP Group launched the VSIP Can Tho project. This is VSIP Group's first project in the Mekong Delta region and is oriented towards a green, ecological, smart, and sustainable industrial park model. Its goal is to become a major food processing and distribution center in the Southern region.

Since 1997, VSIP Group has developed 17 industrial park projects in 12 provinces and cities, covering a total area of nearly 8,200 hectares. These projects have attracted 831 foreign investment projects and 116 domestic investment projects, providing employment for approximately 312,632 workers.

The Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Singapore broke ground for three VSIP projects

iLotusLand is an environmental technology company that provides data-driven environmental monitoring solutions to enable better decision-making. With monitoring stations, the iLotusLand environmental management software monitors various parameters in wastewater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water, CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems), AAQMS (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems), and more. The iLotusLand environmental monitoring and data management software provides detailed data information to help government agencies, industrial zones, and plants make timely decisions in case of environmental incidents. Our commitment is to become a key partner in promoting a sustainable future through intelligent environmental monitoring solutions and data science.

Contact iLotusLand for detailed consultation on wastewater management solutions!


Developing green industrial zones is an inevitable trend of the era, bringing significant benefits to the environment, economy, and society. Recognizing this, Vietnam in general and industrial real estate investors in particular have been making strong efforts to attract investment in this field, thereby enhancing the country's position in the global and regional green industrial zone map.

The investment race in green industrial zones in Vietnam is currently vibrant, with the participation of numerous domestic and international investors. This promises to generate substantial resources for infrastructure development, technology advancement, attracting high-quality human resources, fostering innovation, and positioning Vietnam as an attractive destination for potential investors in green industrial zones.

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