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Wastewater monitoring of Viglacera Infrastructure Development Investment Company

September 2, 2022

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant renovation thanks to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. More and more investors are turning to automated technology solutions and data exchange to optimize production processes and industrial park management services, laying the foundation for smart industrial parks.

Viglacera Company

Viglacera Corporation is a leading multi-sector company in Vietnam in the fields of building materials production, investment and real estate business, operating nationwide and reaching out to the global market. In particular, the Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation of Viglacera, a subsidiary of Viglacera Corporation, is an investor that has implemented projects on 4,600 hectares of land, including 12 industrial park projects, 17 urban area projects, social housing, commercial housing, hotels, and resorts.

With over 22 years of business investment experience in 11 industrial parks in Vietnam and 1 economic zone in Cuba, Viglacera's position in industrial park development is indisputable. These industrial parks have attracted nearly $15 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) from over 300 domestic and foreign businesses, creating thousands of jobs in the area.

Understanding that industrial park development and sustainable development always go hand in hand, Viglacera has placed automatic monitoring stations to prioritize implementation in industrial parks. In addition, to optimize operations, Viglacera also applies modern technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to its management processes by deploying iLotusLand software to monitor centralized wastewater in industrial parks.

Current Status

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for Environment – On Premise
Number of monitoring stations 08


The difficulty in implementing the system comes from the dispersed location of these industrial parks throughout the northern provinces. Therefore, continuous monitoring requires personnel and time resources. However, the iLotusLand software has solved the problem of centralized monitoring through monitoring and retrieving various types of device data.


Using the iLotusLand environmental monitoring software provides useful solutions for Viglacera in monitoring wastewater monitoring data, specifically:

  • Monitor real-time data at the same time from 2 different sources: power data (transmitted from SQL Server) and environmental parameters (transmitted from Datalogger)

  • Environmental monitoring signals are monitored online and transmitted to the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment in accordance with regulations with FTP protocol according to the Circular.

  • The results of periodic wastewater monitoring are within the limits allowed by current standards with effective online monitoring and automatic alerts to support timely troubleshooting related to data and equipment.

  • Account sharing authorization feature helps share monitoring data quickly across different departments

  • Integration of surveillance cameras at the monitoring stations directly on the software ensures accurate, objective, and transparent reflection of parameters and management work.

The iLotusLand platform connectivity model
The iLotusLand platform connectivity model


Through the deployment and use of the iLotusLand environmental monitoring software for monitoring wastewater in industrial parks, Viglacera has optimized time and personnel in monitoring discharge points in the system. Specifically, the management board and operation staff can monitor the quality of wastewater from industrial parks located throughout the provinces, and save time in summarizing and reporting on the environment.

In addition, iLotusLand also helps businesses proactively respond to situations, incidents, and ensure tight control of the quality of output waste. Technological solutions have contributed to helping Viglacera fulfill its environmental responsibilities, maintaining its reputation and position as a leading industrial investor in Vietnam.

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Viglacera has applied IoT technology to the management process by deploying iLotusLand software to monitor centralized wastewater in industrial zones.

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With the increasing demand for human electricity consumption, power plants need to accelerate their progress and working capacity many times over. The emissions from thermal power plants, such as exhaust gases, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, ash, are significant factors that seriously impact the environment. Therefore, thermal power plants invest in installing automatic monitoring systems to protect the environment. Among them, the Nhon Trach 1 thermal power plant is no exception as it has collaborated with iLotusLand to deploy and install multiple environmental data management systems.
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is an industrial park symbolizing the cooperation between Vietnam and Singapore. From its inception, the prime ministers of both countries had high expectations for this project. Up to now, VSIP has been growing and creating jobs for thousands of workers. Environmental protection, especially wastewater monitoring of businesses in industrial parks (IPs), has been quite well implemented, particularly in VSIP IPs. The proportion of enterprises in IPs listed in the green list - performing well in environmental protection in Binh Duong province - always exceeds 80% of the total number of enterprises.
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VSIP Hai Phong is the fourth cooperation project between VSIP Group in association with Becamex IDC Binh Duong and SembCorp Industries (Singapore). The project has a scale of 1,600 hectares with an investment of 1 billion USD. In the process of attracting investment, VSIP Hai Phong always aims to create a green environment.
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The ambient air monitoring station is a system of machinery and equipment capable of measuring and analyzing the quality of the ambient air environment using automatic, continuous methods and directly transmitting data to the management center, serving the state's environmental protection management work. The installation of an automatic ambient air monitoring station at the Luong Hoa landfill area is necessary and appropriate to the actual needs in environmental management and monitoring in the area.
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