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Notifications: Super useful feature for management and operation

Posted on September 5, 2023


Notifications are tools that let you know what's happening when data or devices experience specific problems that are of concern to managers or operators. Erratic incidents in operation are a problem for managers and operators of systems related to environmental monitoring stations that need to be calculated and resolved as quickly as possible. This can lead to system stagnation, affect output quality, and directly put pressure on environmental pollution. It is unimaginable if an incident lasted for several hours instead of promptly handling it, bringing about a stable balance, minimizing the impact on the living environment.

Overview of features


Notifications are a tool that will tell you what’s going on, when data or a device has a specific problem that a manager or operator is interested in.

With iLotusLand, notification features to users usually has three purposes:

  • Alert you about an ongoing problem with the device (loss of device signal, a faulty device, time to calibrate, the device is back online and working well);
  • Regarding station signal changes (signal present, signal lost);
  • Update with the latest status of the data (loss of signal, data over the threshold, data approaching the set limits of the threshold, correctly receiving the data).

A focus on important signals


The most important warnings, such as those that inform you that special handling and attention are needed, are displayed in red. Notification important but not very urgent are displayed in yellow. Notification with the meaning of the status changing to positive displayed in blue.

In addition to the notifications in different colors, there is also the notification sound, for when the recorded data is passing a certain preset threshold. Transmitting a clear sound signal immediately alerts you to any arising issue, you will not be able to ignore the warning when it is sounding. which gives you absolute control and overview to handle the issue at the root.

View notifications with mobile devices

When an important alert related to a status change is recorded by the system, you will receive it notification features on your mobile device from iLotusLand in the tray notification features of equipment. When clicked notification features, you are taken directly into the iLotusLand mobile app for instant viewing notification features that and all its interactive and data-rich content.

Easy configuration

When you want to configure notifications for various user accounts in your organization, it’s as simple as clicking on Configure sending alerts.

  • Activate the type of warning for the items that you are interested in.
  • In a split second, you can easily set up the desired frequency for receiving alerts as you wish.
  • Select the channel to receive notifications that suits your actual needs (via PC, mobile device or via email, text message).

Multichannel notifications

The notification features There are now more ways to interact with customers than ever before. iLotusLand allows you to continuously update notification features through many channels. Whether it's Email, text message or right on the Web, everything notification features All provide accurate information so users can quickly grasp the status.

A focus on important signals


Please note that the settings, configuration notification features iLotusLand syncs across devices. If you change it on the Web platform, the same will be reflected on the mobile device, which saves operation time. To be safer, we recommend that you check and set up iLotusLand configurations for each account before using.

In addition to notifications of different colors, there are also sounds notification features when the recorded data exceeds a certain preset threshold. Transmitting a clear audio signal will immediately alert you to any problems that arise, you won't be able to ignore the alarm while it's sounding. giving you absolute control and visibility to tackle the problem at its source.

Upcoming upgraded version

A more flexible configuration experience will help you with even more efficient management, including the ability to fully configure alerts with a variety of conditions combined, for each user account. iLotusLand meets the increasing and diverse needs with the upcoming new version. The content of messages via email or flexible messages can be varied to support the information that is transmitted to the recipient. In some cases, disabling notifications allows them to be paused for the duration you specify.

iLotusLand is constantly upgrading and providing users with the best work experience, not just this feature, our team is always with you.

To start experiencing these useful features, contact us immediately!

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