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Camera - Remote monitoring support with visual imagery

Posted on August 31, 2023

iLotusLand has integrated camera data straight into the software, covering close to 99% of all IP cameras. By using automated monitoring stations with real-time observation via a central camera system a visual check can be done from anywhere.

Connecting data by using images transmitted by the camera-system makes the monitoring information more reliable, while it also gives ample time to find a solution whenever an anomaly occurs. This is one of the effective remote monitoring solutions that brings reliability and peace of mind to the customers using iLotusLand’s monitoring software.


Monitoring by camera delivered straight to your mobile devices

iLotusLand support allows you to view and track images right on your mobile device. View the station's operating status in parallel with quickly looking up real-time data on the same mobile device.

Set up your camera configuration on a synced PC device

You can completely view the camera on your mobile device by configuring everything related on your PC device. Quick configuration with available paths, corresponding to the monitoring station objects your organization needs to monitor.


To configure display to a PC device, go to Configuration, select Add camera, copy and paste the camera address as a path, and give the camera a name.

Make sure to switch the on/off switch to On to enable camera viewing and a sync of the configuration between your phone and the PC.

Interaction with the camera

For PC devices, the camera lookup of any monitoring station is very easy, the filtering option supports a search by the name of the monitoring station or by a specific type of monitoring equipment. All the cameras you look up will be displayed on the same large screen and help the operators to have a feel for the overall status of monitoring and at the same time effectively view a specific monitoring station.

For mobile devices, images automatically continuously display as soon as you access, images synchronize configuration from PC devices.


Supports zooming in, zooming out, and image resolution options, giving users an experience suitable for monitoring purposes.

Data security

Not all cameras are available to all accounts within the same organization. Images will be provided to certain accounts through feature permission configuration settings.

Remember to note the configurations involved in setting up and viewing images to ensure the privacy and security of data in your system.

iLotusLand is constantly optimizing the performance and features on any device. Experience it with us!

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