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AMATA City Bien Hoa Industrial Zone

August 10, 2023

The AMATA Bien Hoa Industrial Zone (AMATA City Bien Hoa) is a project invested by the AMATA Group (Thailand), one of the experienced corporations in implementing large-scale industrial park projects in Thailand. The industrial park shines as a bright spot in Dong Nai's economy, demonstrating promising prospects and continuous development.

Strategic Location of AMATA Bien Hoa

Located strategically on National Highway 1A, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province, AMATA Bien Hoa is not only a vital trading hub but also a gateway to the South's economy. The convergence of road networks, waterways, and clean air has created a conducive manufacturing and business development environment.

The entrance and exit gates of AMATA Bien Hoa - Dong Nai Industrial Zone

Modern infrastructure

AMATA Bien Hoa Industrial Park prides itself on modern infrastructure, surpassing national and regional standards. The internal transportation system ensures safety and sustainability, while the water and electricity networks meet all production needs. Especially, the advanced wastewater treatment system ensures a clean and sustainable environment.

The wastewater treatment plant is centralized at the AMATA Dong Nai Industrial Zone

Development potential

With an expanded area of up to 513 hectares and an investment capital of up to 1.9 trillion VND, AMATA Bien Hoa is not only a workplace for over 60,000 employees but also an ideal destination for businesses. The development of this industrial park has been a strong driving force pushing the boundaries of the industrial sector, creating new opportunities for the region and the country.

At Amata Vietnam, sustainability is always an essential part of the company's business activities. AMATA aspires to be a responsible enterprise, aiming to create a perfect urban area where environmental impacts are minimized while promoting opportunities and mutual support. The philosophy of "ALL WIN" summarizes the commitment to benefit all stakeholders.

Our sustainability framework adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and lays the foundation for long-term value creation and comprehensive growth. We aim to be a highly efficient, resilient, and environmentally friendly enterprise, targeting a low-carbon city by 2040.

AMATA believes that sustainability is not just a goal but also a journey. At AMATA VN, the company is committed to pioneering sustainable practices that positively contribute to society and the environment while ensuring the prosperity of future generations.

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