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Tra Vinh Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE)

December 17, 2022

Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tra Vinh Province is a specialized agency under the Provincial People's Committee of Tra Vinh, tasked with providing advice and assistance to the Provincial People's Committee in the state management of: land resources, water resources, mineral resources, environmental resources, surveying and mapping, climate change, remote sensing, comprehensive management of marine and island resources and environment, environmental degradation, pollution prevention, environmental incidents, environmental protection, nature conservation and biodiversity, state management of environmental services, inspection, examination, and handling of legal violations related to natural resources and the environment, as well as addressing complaints, denunciations, and preventing corruption in the field of natural resources and the environment as stipulated by law.

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DONRE of Tra Vinh

Environment in Tra Vinh Province

Tra Vinh Province possesses abundant natural resources, particularly in the areas of land, water, and coastal resources. However, the environmental situation in the province is currently facing several challenges, including:

Soil Pollution: The province experiences significant soil pollution caused by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and plant protection chemicals. The waste from livestock farming, as well as industrial, commercial, and service establishments, contributes significantly to soil pollution. This issue adversely affects soil quality, human health, and the overall environment.
Water Pollution: Both surface water and groundwater are subject to pollution due to discharge from industrial zones, industrial parks, residential areas, urban areas, and various production, business, and service facilities. This widespread pollution affects the water sources used for daily activities and agricultural production, impacting the livelihoods of local residents.
Air Pollution: Air pollution is prevalent in several locations within the province, primarily caused by dust and emissions from transportation, industrial facilities, business enterprises, and service providers. This pollution has consequences for human health in affected areas.
Marine and Coastal Pollution: The marine and coastal environment faces severe pollution from discharges originating from ships, production facilities, business enterprises, and service providers along the coast. Domestic waste further contributes to the contamination, impacting marine ecosystems and the health of coastal communities.

Environmental Monitoring in Tra Vinh Province

In order to promptly detect, prevent, and address environmental pollutants, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) of Tra Vinh Province, in collaboration with Viet An Enviro has installed 25 environmental monitoring stations. These stations conduct environmental monitoring activities across the province.

As of now, the DNRE of Tra Vinh has established and implemented a network of 25 environmental monitoring stations, which includes:

- Surface Water Monitoring Network: Consisting of 18 monitoring stations, measuring 12 parameters (COD, DO, pH, TSS, Temp, Conductivity, Ammonia, Nitrate, Oil in water, Level, Salinity, Phosphate).
- Groundwater Monitoring Network: Comprising 6 monitoring points, measuring 2 parameters (Level, Flow).
- Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network: Featuring 1 monitoring station, measuring 16 parameters (Nox, SO2, O3, NO2, NO, CO, PM10, PM2.5, Humidity, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Radiation, Temp, Dust, Pressure, Precipitation).

Air Quality Monitoring Station in Tra Vinh Province Installed by Viet An Enviro

To manage and monitor environmental monitoring data in the province, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) of Tra Vinh has implemented the iLotusLand data management software. This software caters to the centralized monitoring and public disclosure requirements set by the DNRE of Tra Vinh. iLotusLand has introduced a solution designed for surface water, seawater, and LED display monitoring, addressing the need for online monitoring, data collection, and report presentation. The specific features include:

  • Integration of all data, including manually entered data, real-time data collected from sensors, and image data from cameras.
  • The collected data is displayed on the software in the form of separate tables or charts for each emission unit parameter over the average time.
  • Account notification features help bridge the physical distance, all issues are quickly notified through images and sounds.
  • Public data sharing through LED screens: displaying water quality parameters in the area of factories.
LED display boards are used to publicly disseminate environmental data to the residents of Tra Vinh.

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