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Dashboard – Tool for monitoring effective overview of instant data

Posted on August 31, 2023

Does your data monitoring system have a comprehensive overview? What do you think of our tool with just one dashboard that reflects “numbers” that are immediately useful for your work and that has the ability to leverage information from your own data sources as well.

Track multiple metrics at the same time on Dashboard

With the “Data dashboard” on your home screen you have a tool to track and identify trends until or past thresholds, and to detect potential anomalies in your organization’s data.

The dashboard support page helps viewers to understand and have an interpretation of the current situation. Data is compiled in the form of diagrams, graphs or tables to help viewers to get engaged, be interested and learn from it.

Important signals distinguished by color 

What makes the picture “colorful”? Completely different colour gamuts indicate the priority according to the corresponding data level.

With colors, icons and images to highlight important data points, this brings attention to the Dashboard.

Visualize data on Dashboard 

  • Connect to your organization’s data sources, and then display all this data as a table or a chart.
  • The analysis here is based on detailed information from the latest, automatically-collected data.
  • It has been made easier to compare parameter values over a certain period of time, using predefined thresholds.

Follow notifications right on the Dashboard home page

You no longer need to access many different sources to track data. The latest alerts are constantly updated right within the same interface of the screen. It provides a flexible way of tracking of information, that helps you in not missing important alerts and gives you immediate control.

Mobile version of your dashboard

With the help of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology, dashboards are also used to communicate information to users, anytime and anywhere. The dashboard is secure and is shared with the authorized user accounts in your organization.

This helps users quickly get the necessary information without having to review spreadsheets, emails or log in to the web.

Process optimization

The operation engineer takes full use of the metrics provided by the dashboard, with the number of those showing unusual signs, so the cause can be found easily and making the relevant information easy to understand. The built-in features support the implementation of immediate actions that can be taken: view the camera feed, control remote sampling etc.

The in-house analytics and statistics often help decision-making and enable executives and senior management to track general developments, understand why something happens, using the same information they can make the right choices.

Thanks to the dashboard, it is easier for businesses to manage information, analyze important data, thus saving significant time and effort. It helps to display large volumes of complex and raw data in a more understandable way.

Experience a truly useful dashboard feature, and contact us today!

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