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iLotusLand participated in the Waste And Recycling Vietnam Expo 2023 Confex

November 27, 2023

In recent years, Vietnam has been facing complex environmental pollution issues, especially air pollution, wastewater, and production and urban waste. To gain a more comprehensive view of this issue, RX Tradex Vietnam, in collaboration with the German International Cooperation Organization (GIZ), organized an exhibition on waste treatment equipment and solutions – environmental recycling technology (WRV23 Confex) with the participation of government agencies, ministries, relevant departments, international organizations, and associations.

WRV23 Confex Exhibition

For Vietnam, the environmental industry is a continuously growing sector aimed at addressing pollution and the demand for industrial equipment for collecting, transporting, and treating solid waste, wastewater, and emissions from production enterprises. Therefore, WRV23 Confex is expected to be a catalyst for new developments in Vietnam's environmental sector.

Waste And Recycling Vietnam Expo 2023 Confex
Waste And Recycling Vietnam Expo 2023 Confex

The exhibition revolves around hot issues with the participation of representatives from state management agencies, international cooperation organizations, experts, and business units in waste treatment and environmental protection. Seminar topics include the role of public-private collaboration in promoting the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and sustainable waste management practices in Vietnam; Practical roadmap to achieve PPP investment regulations in waste collection, treatment, and recycling in Vietnam; Circular economy-oriented waste treatment solutions; Science, technology, and corporate training applications.


Besides the specialized seminar, there is an exhibition area showcasing products, technological equipment, and solutions from leading business units with the motto of not only helping to minimize environmental pollution but also demonstrating the social responsibility of enterprises.

iLotusLand's Participation in the Exhibition

On November 22, at the International Exhibition Center in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province, iLotusLand participated in the exhibition to introduce automatic and intelligent environmental data monitoring solutions. At this event, we showcased the iLotusLand Software – a real-time IoT environmental monitoring and data management platform.

iLotusLand participated in the Exhibition
iLotusLand participated in the Exhibition

The iLotusLand Software is developed to monitor and manage the air quality, water, soil, and other environmental factors. It allows organizations, businesses, and government agencies to collect environmental data from sensors and other data sources, then manage, analyze, and report this data to ensure compliance with regulations and ensure the best environmental quality.

In addition to supporting the synthesis and reporting of measured indices from the system, the software also helps monitor and analyze real-time data. Data from the iLotusLand Software assists in making smart decisions in handling waste discharge into the environment. The measured indices are continuously and quickly recorded, helping to respond promptly to alerts, optimize decision-making processes, and contribute to protecting human health and the natural environment.

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