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Information portal: iLotusLand's solution to the environment

Posted on August 30, 2023

As you can see, the more developed our society becomes, the more negative environmental effects that we have to face from the environment. Everything around you probably is changing in the bad way? Air pollution, water pollution,… and other kinds of pollution that can down your health condition.

Within today’s development in science and technology, there is no need of modern, specialized equipments, or experts to measure the air pollution index around us.

Now, Just by one device connected to the internet, you can monitor quality metrics and see how the environment is doing with iLotusLand’s portal!

Product – The environmental portal was invented with the main role of accessing and supporting the public in monitoring environmental quality indicators, it is also considered as the bridge between government agencies and the public.

Air Quality Index Map

The air quality map is quite visual, it can display monitoring sites, provide basic parameters of air quality, including AQI and recommendations based on measured air conditions in the area.

The application has the easy-to-use interface with a few options such as viewing history data, language …. Accompanied by colors and emojis displayed for 6 different levels of pollution, built based on documents issued by governmental agencies.

Vietnam’s AQI calculation method is according to Decision No. 1459/QD-TCMT issued on November 12, 2019 by the Vietnam Environment Administration – Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Recommendations and monitoring indicators

By using AQI and WQI, the application gives out recommendations according to the level of pollution. Which helps the public to understand more about the air, water condition at the time being.

Apart from the AQI and WQI. The data portal can also show the monitoring parameter according to the real-time in the map, and also with the color represents the level of pollution ( good data, exceeded data, tend-to-exceed data)

Prediction function

Prediction function is one of the important and pioneer funtions in Vietnam in applying AI – Machine Learning, combining with the prediction model of time-series, helping the work in AQI prediction to be more accurate.

In the near future, iLotusLand will soon launch the long time prediction function according to the Time-series prediction model: AQI prediction for 7 days; AQI prediction every 3 hours per day; AQI prediction for a year (12 months); Prediction in value line.

Sharing function

iLotusLand will soon update features that allow users to share environmental statuses, reports, … with friends and family members. Hopefully by the data that iLotusLand’s portal provides, it can help you to prevent a part of the negative effect of air pollution, which is originally the problem of most cities today.

Let’s experience our products and do not miss any information from us, contact us immediately for enthusiastic support from iLotusLand’s team!



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