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Managing & Monitoring Environmental IoT Data Real Time & Data-Based Smart Decisions
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iLotusland for Environment1

iLotusLand for Environment

Synchronize real-time monitoring and management of all environmental monitoring data on the same system.
Collecting Data

Collecting Data

Camera Connecting

Camera Connecting

Control Remotely

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iLotusLand LED & Link Public

A data publication solution that utilizes LED panels to display data in front of IPs. It provides the option of publishing data, which is constantly updated and public.

Real-time data updates

Collecting Data

Data transparency

Easily monitor data trends

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iLotusland Environment Portal1

iLotusLand Environment Portal

Supporting the public in monitoring environmental quality indicators is also considered the bridge between government agencies and the public.

Air quality index map

Recommendations and monitoring indicators

Prediction & Sharing

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iLotusland for Document new1

iLotusLand for Document

Providing centralized solutions for efficient data management and storage.

Centralized management of data and documents

Investor's customer support

Charge for electricity, water and utility service

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