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POSCO Việt Nam

December 4, 2023

POSCO - a leading steel industry brand from South Korea, has a significant presence in Vietnam's steel industry. The steel industry is one of the energy-intensive and high-emission sectors, must accelerate the transition to green production and reduce emissions to increase exports to the EU, aiming for the long-term Net Zero goal. However, it is not easy for companies to meet these requirements. According to Enerteam, the average emission level in Vietnam's steel industry is 2.51 tons of CO2 per ton of crude steel, while the global average is 1.85 tons of CO2 per ton of crude steel.

POSCO Vietnam Co., Ltd

POSCO Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established on November 15, 2006, in Lot 1, Phu My II Industrial Zone, Phu My Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. In October 2009, POSCO commenced operations as the largest cold-rolled steel mill in Southeast Asia, with an average capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. POSCO is currently regarded as the leading company in Vietnam in terms of market share in the production and export of cold-rolled steel. The company continually strives to become a trusted and respected company, following the Corporate Citizenship management philosophy: Together, building a better future.

posco-Viet-NamPOSCO aims for Environmental Protection for Sustainable Development

Ba Ria - Vung Tau province hosts many industrial zones and dozens of factories with significant wastewater discharges. To prevent pollution that affects the environment and people's lives, the province has strengthened monitoring measures to timely prevent environmental incidents. Therefore, POSCO places great emphasis on environmental protection, aligning with the regulations set by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The company is committed to becoming a green factory to preserve and protect the environment.

Participation in the Global Good Citizen Week 2022: "Zero Carbon Goal"

The Global Good Citizen Week campaign is one of the annual activities initiated across the entire POSCO group and has the widespread participation of its member companies. The 2022 Global Good Citizen Week - action for the environment with the slogan "Zero Carbon" aims to raise awareness about the purpose and significance of environmental protection for all employees of POSCO Vietnam. This helps in building an environmentally friendly culture, fostering cohesion among employees.

In addition to practical activities such as waste collection, environmental cleanliness, and planting trees around the dormitory area, POSCO also experimented with installing the Posmac Barrier system to protect green trees in Phu My town – a new solution to maintain urban aesthetics.

POSCO participates in global good citizen week: “Zero Carbon Goal”

POSCO aims to Reduce Emissions in the Steel Production Process

In the context of this industry facing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon reduction is becoming a major priority for South Korean companies. The government is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 24% compared to the 2017 levels by 2030. As giant industrial companies like Hyundai and Samsung seek ways to reduce emissions in their supply chains, major steel suppliers like POSCO are also making similar efforts.

POSCO will introduce new technology allowing the conversion of coke (a type of fuel gray, hard, and porous with high carbon content and few impurities) into cleaner hydrogen.

POSCO aims to Reduce Emissions in the Steel Production Process

Compliance with legal regulations is a crucial condition for POSCO's strong development

According to Appendix I, Section III of Decree No. 40/2019/NĐ-CP stipulating the installation of automatic continuous industrial emissions monitoring stations, certain entities are required to install these stations. It specifically states that facilities using industrial boilers with a capacity of 20 tons of steam or more per hour (for the total capacity of all boilers), except for those using entirely gaseous fuel or DO oil, must install automatic continuous emissions monitoring stations before December 31, 2020.

Therefore, POSCO has proactively installed an automatic emissions monitoring system and the iLotusLand continuous monitoring software, fully complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Monitoring station at POSCO Vietnam

Current status

Type Value
Software used iLotusLand for environment – On Cloud
Number of monitoring stations 01

Through the measurement and analysis of parameters such as flow rate, total dust, SO2, NOx, CO, O2, temperature, and pressure, iLotusLand has helped the POSCO management to timely monitor and control the emission quality at the installation locations. They promptly detect and address potential risks that may alter the surrounding living environment.

POSCO Vietnam emission monitoring

Collaborating with POSCO Vietnam is our honor

Following the successful installation projects, iLotusLand has completed the installation of a continuous automatic emission monitoring system at the POSCO Vietnam factory.

With over 9 years of experience, leading the Vietnamese market in environmental data management and monitoring through IoT technology. We are proud to have successfully provided effective real-time environmental data management solutions to many domestic and international enterprises.

Once again, iLotusland is honored to collaborate with POSCO Vietnam!

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